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    Truefitt & Hill Grafton Shaving Cream Tub
  1. Proraso ASB. Good stuff, but doesn't mean I will purchase again. To be honest, Corn Huskers works just as well.
  2. A tub of the old formula Body Shop Shave Cream... I got it for Christmas 2007 and just used the last little bit this morning. I'll miss it.
  3. Thayer's Lemon
  4. Speick Shave Stick bites the dust this morning.
  5. Just finished off a tub of T&H 1805.
  6. My Time Bath and Body Tea Tree Shaving Cream/Soap
    Honeybee Spa Green Tea Shaving Soap
    Honeybee Spa Fresh Lemon Shaving Soap
  7. johnniegold

    johnniegold Moderator Emeritus

    Puck of SCS Austin Blend s/s
  8. Just finished up a bottle of Thayers Superhazel.
  9. MB Awakenings....Need to quickly order more....I let it slip by me. :eek:
  10. Also finished up my puck of Prairie Creations tallow, aloe and wheat protein shaving soap with lime scent. Now onto the PC Old Spice version!
  11. Polished off a tub of GFT Limes SC a 100ml bottle of GFT Sandalwood Skin Food and a bottle of T&H Limes Body Wash. All have been replaced! :w00t::w00t:
  12. I've been wetshaving for over two years and I've only went through 1 bottle of KMF lime, 1 tube of Proraso, 1 puck of C&E sandalwood, 2 AV Ice Blue, and 1 Pinaud Clubman. With all of the other stuff I have, it is going to be a while before I finish anything else!
  13. beginish

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    How long are your pucks of PC lasting? I'm curious to hear about how a non-milled tallow soap compares to a puck of glycerin soap.
  14. ctr


    Finished up a tube of Floris Santal this morning. Not my favorite, but I would buy it again.
  15. Polished off a tube of Speick last week, before that a T&H sample pack. Also Burt's Bee's Bay Rum soap, Col. Conk Bay Rum, Col. Conk Lime, and VDH Deluxe puck. Loving the world of creams....

  16. Limey

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    QED Bay Rum Tub and TGQ Bay Rum Sweet Orange sampler. I really like the Bay Rum's in the summertime and will probably wait until spring to replace one or both of these. I really liked them both and could use either regularly!
  17. In my short shaving life, I have finished one bottle of Nivea sensitive ASB, a small tube of C.O. Bigelow/Proraso, and a large tube of La Toja.
  18. A few weeks ago I finished off the soap I used when I first tried DE shaving - the blue bowl Wilkinson Sword from the local supermarket. Whilst I had a bloody shave that time and the puck sat unused for a long time as I went over to creams, it ended its days giving me very comfortable shaves. Not bad for £1.50.
  19. I usually finish up everything I started the quantity of each is unknown, except when noted.

    Co bigalo shaving cream
    Col conks various scents shave soap
    Pinaud clubman AS
    Pinaud Bayrum AS
    Nivea AS balm
    AOS Sandalwood shavecream in the tube-1

    The only thing I didnt finish up was a bar of williams. I threw it out.

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