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The Graveyard!

In all my wet shaving life:
  1. Mitchells’s Wool Fat soap. My favorite so far.
  2. William’s soap. Excellent, especially for only a couple bucks.
  3. Kiss My Face cream in the pump bottle. Meh.
  4. Cremo original cream. I liked the citrus scent a lot. I don’t think it was as slick as advertised, but it did have good residual slickness. Could just wet the face a bit and good to continue.
I’ve always been a use it up before you buy new kind o’ guy. (MWF lasts a looong time.) Until now. Now I have 2 Proraso soaps, New Tabac, PdP 63, Parker glycerin soap, La Toja cream, and also a tallow Tabac soap stick on the way. Now I have a menu.
Finished a bottle of Don Marco this morning. I really enjoy this splash, the Bergamot and Neroli really lift the spirits! 💈🖖🏼💈


I decided to reuse the bottle because the restrictor works so well. Filled it with Floid Vigoroso.

Gillette aftershave gel. I like this because it’s cheap, and I’m frugal. I also like the scent. It’s one that has memories attached to it (when I studied abroad in France, so the scent takes me back). I’ll buy it again eventually, but right now, I’m giving the Nivea aftershave balm a try.



The Aussie Basshole
Tabac refill done. I have had the refill for around 3 and 1/2 years. The first picture is the start of Tabactober 2021 and the last photo is today. Didn’t quite get me to the end of Tabactober 2021 and my tube of Tabac Cream is just about done as well.


The Aussie Basshole
Tabactober finally finished off the Tabac Shaving Cream tube. I have another in reserve but I probably won’t open it for a while. Too much other stuff to dirty and fit in this thread.
Proraso green aftershave which is my favorite. One of my wife’s favorites too.
I also finished a tube of Proraso green. It took a couple boating seasons to finish. It’s the only shave soap I kept on the boat where I spend weekends. It’s not my favorite soap, but it sure is, in my opinion, a decent soap. I don’t use after shave when I’m at the boat. Yellow jackets are a pain in the late summer. I don’t need any additional attractants to draw them in.
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