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    A classic that I have used since I first started shaving. Still a great value for the money IMHO.
  1. Bottle of Humphrey's Witch Hazel
  2. TOBS Rose, It's been a good 2 months of shaves. I like TOBS strong scents and this one is no exception.
    IMG_20190206_103320.jpg IMG_20190206_103333.jpg
  3. Figaro Almond croap (had a little left in it, but i was tired of it).
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    20190216_094326.jpg Finished the tube of Cade balm. Great stuff. I only use balms in the winter months, and am now back to Windsor AS Milk. I'll eventually replace the Cade, but I also have a tube of the discontinued Eau des Baux. Why does L'Occitane always seem to discontinue my favorites?
  5. Puck of Vermont Country Store Apothecary Lime Musk soap. It was useable, but a gift, and will not be replaced.
  6. Bath House Spanish Fig & Nutmeg. Used it in 2017 and stopped due to some irritation I got from it (mild burning sensation). Came back to it to finish it and it was a little bit better than before.
  7. Truefitt & Hill 1805 tub.
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  9. Just finished some Nivea balm and Clubman Pinaud shaving soap.
    I wonder if I can reuse the Nivea bottle for anything.
  10. One Soldier Down Another Takes His Place. Great Classic Sent. Love it One of my FAVORITES. [​IMG]

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