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The Graveyard!

A tube of AoS Sandalwood shaving cream; already have a tub of the same in reserve :)
Sample tube of AOS Unscented. Surprising how many shave I got out of it. Actually used enough cream for two shaves today. Great lather with a drop of Peppermint EO. Have a couple sample tubes of Unscented and Lavender left.


Moderator Emeritus
My Godrej round provided its last shave lather today. Here are the crumbly bits before being washed down the sink.

VERDICT: A great little puck. Scent is awesome and lather is more than functional.


Moderator Emeritus
Stirling Barbershop. We were great friends for a couple years, today the remained turned to jelly and escaped from the bowl. I was looking forward to another 5 shaves or so before it was gone.
So long to Kiehl's Close Shavers Squadron brushless cream.
Used on and off for two years, always there when I needed a quick but effective shave.

Will likely buy again at a later date. Despite my skepticism, the stuff works well.

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Farewell to a tube of Trumper's Violet cream. It's really good stuff, and the scent stands alone among the florals offered by the fine English houses.


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It has been a while... but a bottle of Skin Bracer bit the dust this morning. Good quality and good value after shave.
Finished off the Taylor Avocado shaving cream.

While the scent was not exactly what I was looking for, to my nose, it features more a cucumber scent than avocado, but from the performance, it is really a great shaving cream.
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