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The Gillette Senator

Two more photos. The first shows the plating wear on the Senator plus compares the comb length between the Senator, '34 Aristocrat and the New. The fourth razor is a Ranger Tech.
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The next photo shows the bar detail between the Senator, Aristocrat and the Ranger Tech.
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I reacently saw one of these on ebay, and it didnt hit it's reserve. It is now for sale for 129. Are these that extreemly rare that is is worth such a hight price?

I saw that auction and was following it. I thought it was a bit strange for them to put a reserve and then start at a low price. I have not seen the new listing but I think they always have a Make an offer on their listings. I don't know how rare it is but you don't see many at all.

It's amazing what we buy these things for. Imagine what the cost of a brand new, high quality Gillette style TTO would be today.

I imagine the US made price would make the Merkurs seem like bargains.

I just scored a Senator, Red Tip and Slim Adjustable, all in pretty darn nice shape, for a song. The seller included a vanity set, and with luck I'll unload that for as much as I paid for the lot...
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