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The Gillette Big Boy/Big Fellows

There has always been some confusion about the Gillette vintage Big Boy/Big Fellow line of razors. Here's a brief description of the four different razors and a comparison to other razors in the Gillette line.


1. The Old Type Big Fellow introduced in 1919 and made for only a short time until 1921..
2. The New Improved Big Fellow replaced the Old Type and was sold in the same wooden case.
3. The New De Luxe Big Boy was made for only a short time from 1929 to February of 1931. It was sold in an attractive metal case.
4. The New Big Boy/Big Fellow hybrid variant. It has a shorter handle which screws directly to the cap like the standard New razors. It used the same case as the New De Luxe . There was no serial number and was probably made around 1929.

Note: The New De Luxe Big Boy was sold in either 24 kt gold or chrome plate. This is true of the De Luxe models Norfolk and Criterion.

Next we have the way the handles were attached to the heads of all four razors. The New De Luxe inner tube is as beautiful as the rest of the razor.


And finally here is the comparison of the Big Fellow to other razors from Gillette over the years.


1. The long handle Super Adjustable
2. The Old Type Big Fellow
3. The 1940's Super Speed
4. The New Improved Tuckaway
5. The Milady from 1940.

Hopefully this clears up a few questions.
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very nice, Len, thank you for this. (Great pics, incidentally.)

Here's an oddity - I have the opposite set as you - I have a gold OT, a silver New Improved (or is yours a silver also?), a Gold de luxe, and a silver hybrid.

How do these shave for you?

Do you have a favorite?
Thanks Jon. The New Improved is silver. Only the handle has plate loss. The head has no loss at all. I have shaved with all of them. I find the New Improved to be a little too aggressive. The Old Type is nice and close, a very good shave. The De Luxe and the hybrid are both very smooth and very good shavers. My favorite is the De Luxe.

Really great thread, Len. Thanks! Good 'ol #3 has been my grail razor for a while now. :smile: I'm enjoying the hunt.
Nice work, Len. It is confusing at times so your explanation is very helpful.
So, I have #2 and #4. Need #1 and #3! :tongue_sm
Thanks for the informative posting Len. Quite generous with your time to photograph and point out the differences -- subtle & not so and quite helpful!
That is nice Erwin! Richwood Gold sounds just like it is.

Also Erwin, did you notice your URL link in you sign isn't working anymore? I thought the change over wasn't going to effect that for vendors?

Thank you Len, this is going right into my Razors->Research bookmarks.

Is the difference between (1) OT and (2) New Improved the bottom clear ring is wider on the OT? Or is it just the cap thickness 102A -v- 102B?

I will have to wait till I get home to see if it is a 102A cap or not.



The Old Type and the New Improved have totally different heads. The blade guard on the Old Type is curved where the New Improved is flat. Also the teeth on the New Improved are thicker. The New Improved cap is a 106.

View attachment 105197

The New Improved razor is on the left.

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thanks, I did know that, but my brain has limited memory spaces left. When something goes in, something goes out. I wonder what I just forgot now?

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