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I just ordered two Zenith brushes from the "The Gentle Shave". Anyone out there have any experience with this vendor of brushes? Would you please share a thought or two about your experience with the "quality" of the Zenith brush and "customer" experience as well. Thank you in advance.
I've had great experience with Zenith boar brushes, especially the larger barber brushes such as model B03-A26. It's one of my favorite brushes.

The owner of the GS is a nice guy, but he overcharges for the same goods in comparison to European vendors. Also, he renames all the brushes using his own naming scheme, which frustrates and confuses people that try to comparison shop. For example, the B03-A26 is renamed as B2. In Europe, it sells for about $12. GS charges $28 plus $3 shipping for the exact same thing. Check out the Spanish vendor yourshaving.com and you will see what these brushes normally sell for.
Thank you Atlantic59 for your input. I did take your advice and took a look at the Your Shaving website out of Cadiz, Spain. I did try to compare what I ordered from The Gentle Shave to the brushes listed on the Your Shaving site. While I could not find the same brushes I ordered on the Your Shaving site, what was there seemed to be competitively priced given the exchange rate of 1 Euro = to $1.20 U.S. Further, I must say that The Gentle Shave had a significantly greater offering than the Your Shaving site. Lastly, in view of the current pandemic, I am not certain shipping from Spain to the U.S. would be very prompt. Further, the brushes I ordered from The Gentle Shave were not Boar bristles but rather contained Badger hair. When I compared the brushes containing Badger from Your Shaving and those I ordered from The Gentle Shave, I do not believe that I overpaid in the least. In sum, I do not think I made a mistake in ordering from The Gentle Shave. The only RESERVATION that I had when placing my order was that the site did not indicate where it was located and by whom it was owned. With all of that said, I again thank you for taking the time to provide me with your feedback to my inquiry. I hope our joint responses prove useful to other who may read this thread.
To be fair, the GS does offer some custom brushes the owner has had made by the Zenith factory in Palermo. For instance, changing the loft to be shorter, or changing the size of the knot. This, plus the confusing Zenith product names, is probably why he has created his own naming system. Also, I know he has many satisfied customers, so he must be providing good products and service.

When ordering from the EU, you don't have to pay VAT, which is significant. Shipping during the current pandemic situation is slower, so what might have been two weeks before is now three weeks or so. If you are not in a hurry, it is OK.
I have ordered from both, I have only used the site in Spain if they had something I wanted that gentle shave did not have, but I had great experience with both of them, and for the money these are great brushes.
I would definitely buy from Gentle Shave if you can find what you want. Shipping times are very quick and the selection is somewhat better.

Last time I ordered from Europe it took around six weeks.
All five of my Zenith boars have come from Gentle Shave. Great service and fast shipping every time. If you have a question, the owner response is very quick.
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