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The future of technology goes old fashioned shaving

Pretty cool article. I nearly always get several shaves per DE blade instead of the one that the author got, but overall it laid out the pros and cons of each method well. Yet another example of YMMV. I found myself scrolling through the comments to see if there were any familiar names, too.
Always nice to see write ups on shaving options. Especially when many people don't even know that options besides Carts and Electric exist.
The article confirmed what I always knew - that traditional DE shaving was less expensive than the modern disposable method. See, we are saving money.
That was a well written article. It's nice to seeing an article on the various aspect of shaving the different type razors.
BritD, thanks for sharing this informative article. My older son, now 40, is rapidly re-thinking dad's use of a DE razor. He said he cannot believe the prices of today's disposable razors.
To Quote:

"The Straight Razor
For this type of shave, ask your great-grandfather..."

My God! Either the author is twelve years old or I have lost all sense of time. I hope too, that he learned he should join BadgerandBlade.com.
According to one of the commenters, I'm a "hipster". Finally! I'm going straight out and getting me a Arafat-type scarf and a Fedora, or better yet, a Trilby!
Actually, not a bad article, and on Wired(???). I wonder what the author used for soap/cream?
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