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The Future of Shaving - I Hope Not.


I'm not so sure that this is not a bad idea. Think about it. Shave in front of your computer, store it, and then watch it to see your technique! Sports figures have been doing this for years! :sod:
Good point - I hadn't thought of that. Except I can see it now, some media type will hack into your computer and draw play-by-plays on screen showing how your form is off. I don't know; could be scary.
My wife already thinks I've gone off the deep end with shaving. I can't even imagine what she would say about shaving in front of my workstation.

My keyboard has already suffered under the hand of my two-year-old daughter. She accomplished this in under two minutes. I had just stepped out of the room when my wife heard snapping noises. Thanks goodness for good customer support although I think the giggling on the other end was a bit unprofessional.
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I've been trying to neatly pry my keys off for cleaning. Can you get your daughter to call me to tell me how! :biggrin:


After much badgering :badger: (pun intended) she finally revealed her secret:

Remove keys as quickly as possible when no is around. As far as reattaching them, and I quote "I don't know".

I think I would have trouble adjusting the on-screen image. I'm used to seeing a mirror image, while the screen is projecting a "corrected" image
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I'm too much of a nerd and would want a 24" HD monitor. Then AD would kick in and I would need a quad core processor with 12GB+ of DDR3 and video card with 1GB+ of DDR5. :laugh: :blush:
My home computer is a family computer...but if I was going to use it for shaving I know I would be such a nerd with upgrades.
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