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The Funkiest or Coolest Razor Out There


I have a simple question for all of you,

What is the Funkiest or Coolest Razor you know of out there (Please answer with pics)?

My girlfriend was talking to me yesterday after I bought yet another razor at an antique shop (a Shick injector with butter scotch handle) and she said to me, you have so many razors now (100 ish) why don't you start collecting really cool or funky ones. This got me thinking, maybe she is onto something.The general DE design is timeless but I have so many TTO's and TECHs, slims and fats, but here and there I come a cross some cool stuff. So ill start out with the coolest one I have found to date, a Vibro-Shave 110V electric razor (complete with lamp socket plug). So show me what else is out there, what Im missing, and what I dont need but totally want!

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I don't have a camera, but the Stahly Live Blade razor made in 1946-1978 is a possibility. It has a big thick handle than one winds up, and it vibrates a regular double edged blade for about 2 minutes. It gives a pretty good shave too.l
I saw a newer DE (It had a standard non cloth cord) that plugged in at a thrift store for something in the neighborhood of 10$ . I had to pass on it because I figured it was much more of a novelty than something you should shave with.
Wow, that is cool!! But I love the old stuff, even if you can use it or not. Which is why I purchased the rolls razor I found the other day that everyone just keeps saying is everywhere. I understand that bit it is still cool!! And usable!!!! In my book it is awesome, the pics I have of it are horrible so I won't post them, I should take some better pics. I was in a hurry when I snapped the few I put up in my post the other day.
I had one of these in high school. Way ahead of its time.



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