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The French Slant-Bar

Nope. WOW, that is SLANTY. Can't believe the blade wouldn't be doing all sorts of weird angles twisted like that. Somebody HAS to buy it and give it a try.
I have something very similiar, the angle of the blade and the exposure would lead you to believe that it would be an incredible razor in the right hands, but like all bakelite razors it is far too light to be even remotely effective.
Very cool razor -Its says Bakelite in the listing, it seems improbable to me?
What tension in that blade with that twist!
I have several bakelite DE's, mainly Gillette Techs but a couple of others as well. I am not sure if they are bakelite, as they were advertised, or a different type of hard plastic. The razors are smaller than average, and usually have metal heads on a plastic body, although the French slant I have is all bakelite, although the head might be metal covered with the bakelite. I like the balance of the razors themselves, the heads are much heavier than the handles which is the configuration that I prefer, however with these bakelite types the handle is so light as to render the whole razor useless. The material itself has less of a tendency to tarnish than metal and I have had no problems having these types in contact with very hot water. However, in terms of performance they are not good at all, the mild head of the Tech on a featherweight handle for the Gillettes and uselessly lightweight with the others I own.
On the other hand, if I could get the head of the French slant to fit on a metal handle I would have a very good razor. The picture doesn't do that razor justice the twist in the head is insane, although as was pointed out I'm not sure how a blade would hold up to that much tension. Still, it's experiments like this that make wet shaving so much fun. I have some old fixed head DE's of French origin that might work out as donor razors, I shall try to track them down. I'm away from home at the moment, but when I return I'll let you know how it goes.
If you look at the side of the head and ignore the slant, it looks a lot like the Futur---same sort of blade exposure thing.
jduffy said:
I always thought that the French had a different slant on things but this is ridiculous.

Oh la-la! Zat eez a slant, oui? :biggrin:

Anyway, I saw this uaction and actually thought briefly about bidding just because it's so unusual. then I thouhgt about what SWMBO would think of a purchase "just because," and then I hear all those other things ike "what? More blades, but you still have a box" or "why do you need more than 1 razor" (for the record, I only have 3 that I use, one that I don't). So, needless to say, I did not bid on the unique but more than likely unuseable French bakelite razor.


I'd be sweatin' bullets dragging that slanted thing through my face :scared:

Thanks for the interesting link. Never saw a razor like that before.
I know this discussion is overdue, but I was curious to see what the razor looks like, since the pictures from eBay are gone. Does anybody have a picture of the razor?
I just bought a very unusual slant bar with a metal handle. I'm curious to see if the slant angle is similar to the French.

I received my razor today, and the handle is in bakelite. For further info, see my post in the Safety razors forum.

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