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The Eye Test. King C Gillette and other P&G blades.

I'm a daily shaver also. In the past I used to take weekends off. But when I switched over to double edge razors back in June of 2019 I started shaving everyday to make sure I got the hang of it. And I have not taken a day off since.

I always do three passes and some touch-ups around my chin. I have a mole of my chin so I shave that area very carefully.
The beard tugging must be related to the toughness of the beard hair then. I guess my old man white whiskers aren't as tough as I thought that they were.


FarmerStan the Man
I received a King C Gillette blade today sent from forum member @Bill_G. I have taken a 200x photo and I am going to post it with other P&G Russian blades for comparison. Unfortunately I don't have any Gillette Platinum, Minora or Permasharp blades.

King C Gillette 200x
View attachment 1287710

Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge (yellow) 200x
View attachment 1287712

Gillette 7 O'Clock SS (green)
View attachment 1287727

Astra SP 200x
View attachment 1287730

Astra SS 200X
View attachment 1287734

Gillette Rubie 200X
View attachment 1287738

Gillette Nacet 200x
View attachment 1287740

Gillette Silver Blue 200x
View attachment 1287742

Polsilver SI 200x
View attachment 1287745

Wizamet SI 200x
View attachment 1287746
I think the Nacet blade looks the best. The one time I used one I was impressed.
Just wanted to update this thread on my experience with the 4 Wizamet blades I received from @South Dakota Guy .
The first time I used these blades I was rewarded with 3 good shaves before I tossed the blade. But lately I started using the other blades I have left & have been rewarded with 7 great shaves from theses blades. Maybe they worked better on my 34C than the Muhle R89 I used initially. In fact my 34C & 33C have become my favorite razors over my stainless GC.

But I've been also getting 7 great shaves from the KCG blades, Nacets & the Astras SS. Considering I bought 100 Astra SS from Amazon for $8.97 & 100 Nacets for $13.49 I find it hard to justify the price of the Wizamet. BUT the Wizamets are definitely great blades & might be buying more in the near future.
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