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the ethics of PIF

Is it ok to PIF products you personally wouldn't use?

  • Heck yes! Let folks find out for themselves, they may love it!

  • No - ebay it or toss it

  • Can't say - it depends

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How would PIFing something you hate be ethically wrong but eBaying it would be ethically correct? You lost me there.
I think the disassociation is what makes some folks see it as ethically alright to charge money for something that they wouldn't give away to their B&B brethren. Us= B&B, Them =Ebay. If someone feels ashamed to give something to their brothers here, they might think it's alright to sell it to a "stranger" on Ebay.
The distiction you need to make in pifing is to ask yourself... if someone asked me for the product to try and they knew why I didn't want it, would I give it to them, or would I tell them it's no good and throw it out?


I'm calling the U.N.
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Perhaps the solution is also to toss in a sample of a different product that you find works better for you ... and a note "welcome to wetshaving and good luck with this. To be honest, I didn't much care for the tube of shavecream, but YMMV. I have included a sample of TOBS rose cream, which I much prefer."

How would PIFing something you hate be ethically wrong but eBaying it would be ethically correct? You lost me there.
... If a newbie is starting out, is it right to hand him a set that I wouldn't want to use?

Isn't it possible that in PIF'ing this stuff I could actually cause a newbie to have a bad experience and drop wet shaving all together?
It seems like the OP is assuming that the PIF would be going to someone new to wetshaving, so you wouldn't want to have his first experiences be with 'difficult' products ... whereas E-Bay whomever buys it presumably knows what he's getting into.


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I would PIF products I don't like. I sometimes add stuff I like too. Since we all have different opinions on what's good/great or bad/real bad.
I see nothing wrong with PIFing something you don't like. Even if it's utter refuse, you can simply say "I really wasn't impressed by product X, but maybe you will like it, I just couldn't bring myself to throw it out."

When it's cheap as free, there isn't much risk for hurt feelings. Now, if it's downright dangerous or clearly broken, I guess it should just go in the trash. The spring loaded straight razor that closes the scales during a shave won't work any better for someone else than it did for you...
The other thing I would add as ABSOLUTE in the ethics/morals of PIF'ing is this: If somebody PIF'd something to you, and you don't want it, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you SELL it to somebody else. Nobody should profit financially from a PIF. Pass it along the way it was passed along to you.
+1. I take it a step further: If I received an item in trade, I feel it is wrong to sell it on B/S/T. I will only re-trade an item received in trade (if I don't like it).

That being said, how could a PIF ever cause you a moral dillema? You're giving away a shaving item that didn't work for you. It's not defective -- it's just not for you. It's not poison. Heck yeah, PIF what you don't like. If there is one thing that becomes clear on this forum, it's what works for me may or may not work for you. Can you tell I'm trying really hard not to use that four letter phrase beginning with Y and ending with V?
I had such a bad experience with Dorcos that I actually thought PIF'ing them would be wrong.
I bought 100 or so at the beginning and ended up giving them away, as I did not care for them . . . . several of the people I gave them to actually liked them. You never know.


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Products I don't use, but high quality? Absolutely worth a PIF. But you'd never see me PIF a Pakistani straight razor!
Although I could never see myself in possession of a Pakistani Straight Razor, I get your point and agree.
I get a lot of DE's as parts of "Lots". Some of these actually function, but they are so horribly disfigured (brassed to the point of smooth knurling, end caps and doors badly scratched) that I could never in good conscience PIF them to someone. I can see the guy in my minds eye saying "What the....?" as he opens the box.
These razors go into the parts box.
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