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    I've had the almost identical problem, and have run the gamut of electrics over the years. I actually prefer a foil for speed and precision - and the Series 9 in my opinion is Braun's best - but I found the rotary Norelcos give me the least irritating shave regarding ingrown hairs. I would add that the most recent Norelcos with the "frosted" rings (S9000 Prestige, 7000 Series) seem to be the most effective at this, and it really does take about a month to adapt to a rotary. I also use scuttle, brush and lather, full up just like a DE shave. Just like a DE, equipment and technique matter for your individual shave, and if you've reached the pinnacle with the Series 9, shave on. I just found that a rotary reduced my rate of ingrown hairs with continued use, my theory being because of the way a rotary cuts - leaving the tip of the hair shaft rounded and "even" as opposed to the clean, sharp cut of a foil (or a DE blade, actually). And of course, YMMV.
  1. Thanks for sharing! I actually went back to the series 3 and no longer own the series 7 or series 9 (I know, backwards leap and the total of a mortgage payment down the drain lol) as I found it gives me the same smoothness of shave in the same amount of time as the 7 or 9 but with less irritation. I have found the pivot on the 7 and 9 made head shaving extremely inefficient (it should work better but actually over compensates and misses hair) and their blade cartridges have so many small moving parts that even their cleaning station wouldn't get the hair out. The series 3 requires tapping out the hair, rinsing under water, and a spritz of alcohol to dry it off. Once every few days I'll run it manually through an aftermarket Braun knockoff cleaning solution called "shaver shebang" (not kidding) and it's good as new.
  2. I`m 83 with tumors, so since I already had an electric (Braun -3), for my head, and I cannot use non pivots any more I added Cremo to my face, and get as good, if not better results than de`s, Injectors and all the other razors in my den. God Bless, Bill.
  3. Error in above thread: The word `tumors`is supposed be "tremors", sorry! God Bless, Bill.
  4. These devices sure have come a long way. I've actually revisited the Philips Norelco oneblade lately with success. The key with that one is skin stretching, I can get basically the same result as my Braun with no irritation at all.
  7. I was offline for quite some time, in the meantime I have tried my old electric that I used 2 times when I got it few years ago and now it works great. What do you think guys can proraso preshave be used with electric?
  8. I would think you could if you have an electric that can be used wet/dry. If you don't I'd recommend Williams 'Lectric Preshave. Works great and when I used my electric 5-6 days per week a bottle would last 6 months or more.
  9. I tried it and found it a bit too tacky even with extra water added. Now any of the proraso creams made into a runny, bubbly lather with your hands works great with Electrics.
  10. I find using my Braun series 3 ,for me works best on plain dry skin.
  11. i tried an electric way back in the day.Makes me break out like crazy
  12. Modern electrics have come a Looooonnnggggg way.
  13. i am sure they did but i quite enjoy using a DE now.
  14. Many modern electrics can be used wet/dry (with soap or cream), and the Proraso line of pre-shaves works just fine. In fact I use a Panasonic Arc 5, Braun Series 9 or Philips Norelco with all of my DE software - pre-shave, brush, soap and AS. Proraso pre-shaves are good, but there are better electric pre-shaves IMO - Crown Shaving or Jack Black being two that I use routinely under an artisan soap, but Freelette and Aramis Lab Series are two that I use alone with no other prep or products, that work superbly as well. As others noted, electric shaving and shavers have come a long way - in fact with a wet shave prep like my DE, I get a shave close enough to be indistinguishable by feel from a blade - just as comfortable or better, more even and predictable, and quicker. I wouldn't think of picking up an electric and scrubbing it over my dry face, with no prep, any more than I would grab my RS-10 or Timeless loaded with a Feather and shave away - likely to produce the same results. YM of course, MV.
  15. That is precisely what I did when using Electric, I'd shave before the shower the only prep being a splash of Williams. I got great irritation free shaves. Both my electrics are wet shave capable, but I never tried it. I thought why add time and cleanup to something that already seemed perfect.

    With blades the prep makes a big difference. I will have to try wet with my electric sometime.
  16. If I’m going to put soap or cream on my face , I may as well use a DE or cartridge. To me the only real advantage of electric is speed and convenience. Which to me is using it dry.
  17. I suppose speed and convenience are relative. I actually enjoy using my various artisan soaps, I don't need three passes with an electric, I've never cut myself with an electric, I've never missed spots with an electric, I can shave in one third the time with an electric, and my cleanup is plunking the shaver in the cleaning station - all advantages in wet shaving with an electric, to me. And my wet shave with an electric is as smooth and close as I've ever needed out of a shave. That represents speed and convenience, to me. And if I need a fast food shave, I can splash on a pre-shave and be out the door in five minutes with an electric.

    I still use a DE, because I enjoy shaving with a blade as well, but it's not as convenient, as quick, or often as comfortable, for me, as wet shaving with an electric shaver. It's a wide shaving Universe, and cheers for everyone using a straight, a cart, an SE, a DE or an electric. Whatever matches up with skill level, experience and 'druthers - there certainly isn't one right way to shave....
  18. Well said. I'm in the same boat except I'm usually using an electric dry. I love a good cream and brush but my picky skin seems to hold up the best after a dry electric shave.
  19. I have also used creams with an electric, but for me it works no better than dry. Just an extra step ,so I don’t bother . Have tried Lectric shave the lotion ,I don’t like the oily feeling and it tends to make the blades harder to clean.
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