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    Panasonophonic recommends changing the foil annually, so 6 months seems quick. As for degradation, an instantaneous shift is what I would expect if a small portion got a jagged edge. A visual inspection might not pick it up.
  2. I own a nerelco 7300. I really like it. It can be used with or without shaving cream. And gives me a decently close shave. Not as close as a razor but definitely ok. I have used foils but with my course hair they just rip the hairs out.
  3. Yup, I'd imagine this is what a jagged edge would feel like (and do to my face!). I'm going to ask Panasonic about it directly. Thanks.
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    Has anyone tried the Norelco OneBlade? I know that it's not supposed to be as close as most razors, but if it's quick and comfortable, I'm thinking that it might be good for those occasions when you just want to get cleaned up enough to go to the hardware store and don't have the time or inclination to go through the whole wet shaving process.

    I have a Norelco rotary, but I don't find it that comfortable and have to spend a lot of time going over the same area again and again. I had a Braun single head corded foil razor for years that worked pretty well, but I don't want to drop that kind of money right now on a new electric razor.
  5. I had a $50 wet and dry Panasonic foil shaver that started scratching me suddenly. I thought it was a problem with the foil, it turned out there was a tiny burr from a nick on the plastic around the foil, that was scratching my face. After I discovered it, I removed the burr and it worked fine again.
  6. I DE shave on a Sunday night and Braun series 5 the rest of the week. It is a lot better than my old Philishave. But that's just me. Working on a plantsite and needing to be clean shaven every day, it just works out better for me. DE shaving every day is challenging with four young children and a never ending list of stuff that needs to get done. Need a new foil for it but a heck of a lot cheaper than a lot of other options out there.
  7. I got a Braun Cooltec a few months ago. I like to use it once in a while. I get a decent shave from it, but not nearly as close as with a blade. It bothers me to feel stubble on my neck after shaving, so I usually clean it up with a blade. The cooling technology is nice though. It helps keep my skin from becoming irritated.
  8. I made the mistake of asking in the General Shaving forum up top if any one used an electric for touch-up post wet shave. Only a couple said yes and the rest were outraged. ;) I use my Norelco for spot touch-ups if needed and almost always for travel. It actually takes me longer to use my electric for a full shave than my DE and the results are only fair but for the little travel I do these days, taking an electric is a nobrainer.
  9. If I wet shave in a hurry I often touch up the difficult spots with my Panny W&D - better that than itching and scratching trying to go too close with the DE too quickly.
  10. Just for grins, I decided to shave with my Norelco (Aquatec) today. Dry shave, took twice as long, maybe even longer (but no shower first), not as close but not terrible. I tried to keep a light touch but had to use some pressure at the end. Not a bad shave, about equal to a DFS in that I feel roughness against the grain in the usual spots. Face feels a little hot but not really irritated. Used a little GFT Sandalwood skin food as a balm. It worked, and, like I said earlier, I only use an electric when I travel (although there's also a disposable Bic or similar in my kit). But you know what? It's just not fun and shaving with a safety razor, brush, and nice lather is fun. So there it is.
  11. Well, the Braun Cooltech is a pretty nice electric razor. I get a decent shave with it, with some work. The cooling technology is pretty nice. Works good enough for dry shaves. I also just purchased a Braun Series 5 electric razor with the cleaning station. I like it, but wish it had the cooling technology in it also. The Series 5 gives a slightly closer shave. Pretty smooth feeling at first, but about an hour or two later it feels like I need a shave again.
  12. These days, increasing number of people will use electric razors and electric shavers in their daily grooming routine. It is important to choose the right electric shavers because this can have a significant effect on the grooming experience overall.

    Some of these tools are able to provide a top-quality shave that is really smooth, quick and comfortable, while others cannot make the cut.
  13. Agreed! I went through a Norelco rotary, Remington f2, Braun series 3, and Braun series 7 before ultimately landing on the Braun series 9 as the best tool for me. I use it for head and face shaving and honestly I don't even keep any blades around anymore besides a shavette for line ups.
  14. I both head shave and face shave. I use a DE ,2 blade disposable, and over the years a Norelco , Remington , Braun , and theSkull Shaver . I found for myself that they all did a good job of shaving. And for my money the only difference was my mood , time of year ( winter or summer) that made any measurable difference. Each does have certain advantages and disadvantages. But none is better all the time.
  15. There are only 2 electric razors I respect:
    1.) Phillips OneBlade - Proprietary Charger
    2.) Panasonic ER2403K Buzzer - 2xAAA Batteries

    I highly recommend the OneBlade for any troublesome easily irritated areas that you might not have a solution for.
    It never cuts below the skin unless you stretch your skin out or apply pressure.
    Works better with lather. Work great without it as well.
    The OneBlade is truly revolutionary in my opinion. Brilliant design.

    Lots of people here use more than 1 razor when shaving, by the way.

    The ER2403K is a great do-it-all that I use with my own rechargeable batteries.
    Use it dry.
    This is a back-up option.

    For me: Foil and Rotary shavers are neither fun nor effective.
  16. More than 4 years ago, I replaced the ordinary razor with an electric razor. The irritation began to shake, so I decided to join the high technologies.

    I don’t know how now, but at that time in nature there were three significant brands for electric razors, among which I chose: Philips, Braun, and Panasonic. I studied several pages of the iXBT forum and looked at electric shaver reviews. And then stopped at Panasonic. Model name is no longer relevant. Since outdated and now they have very different models

    I don’t remember the details, but in my opinion, I chose Panasonic because it had the possibility of both dry and wet shaving (i.e. with foam). In my opinion, then (I don’t know how it is now), Philips had only a wet or only dry shave, while Braun had only a dry shave (but maybe I’m confusing something, it was a long time ago). And in my opinion, then they praised the function of wet shaving Panasonic.
    In general, I use it now.
  17. Braun has razors that can be used wet or dry.
  18. Braun, Philips and Panasonic all produce wet/dry electric razors now that are capable of delivering a shave that is very close to the equal of a blade shave, with the possible exception of a straight razor. This from over 50 years of shaving with everything from vintage Gillettes to modern electrics - a modern electric being one made in the last 5 years. And capable being the operant word, because it depends on how you use them. I use an electric (usually a Braun Series 9 or Norelco S9000, sometimes a Panasonic Arc 5) with the same software as my Timeless, ATT, Blackland or Raw Shaving DEs, and they deliver as smooth a shave, more even, usually with less irritation, about 3 times faster. Why use a DE? Because I love them - I love the skill it takes to use them, their functional beauty, the ritual, and frankly, nostalgia. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with an electric as a daily shaver, and in fact it often delivers a superior shave. When I read about "I got razor burn from my electric," some research reveals a 1990s-vintage Braun plug-in, with one head, never changed, shaved dry. The age of a DE razor matters very little - a 1959 Fat Boy may give you a better shave than your brand new Paradigm or Wolfman - it's just a blade holder. An electric razor from the '60s compared to today's offerings is like comparing your Granddaddy's Model T to your new Audi. Your actual mileage may vary.
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  19. Scaramouche, your experience mirrors mine. When I can I use a DE or SE and love it. But I have a Panasonic Arc-5 that I think is the best electric I've ever used. It's pricey for sure but I like that it doesn't need the cleaning solution and all that jazz.

    I was on a trip this summer and the airline lost my luggage for a few days. I picked up a cheap Norelco at Wally World. It was the Norelco 4100. I didn't expect much, it was cheap. Honestly, it's about 90 percent or a bit more as good of shave quality as my Panasonic, but feels light and cheaply made by comparison, which it no doubt is, but then it was 1/4 the price of the Panasonic. Considering I primarily wet shave, I could easily be happy with that, but the Panasonic feels much better in the hand.

    Prior to that I had a Remington R38 or similar. That lasted a really long time but I had to bin it after I could no longer buy decent heads for it. The head manufacturing went to China and I could no longer get a comfortable shave.

    Even earlier, various Norelco, Remington and Braun. They don't hold a candle to today's electrics. The one place I cannot best the electric or good cartridge is on the bottom of my neck which has hair that grows at a severe angle darn near parallel to the skin.
  20. My neck hair grows S to N in the middle then S to NW and S to NE on the sides and all of it lays so flat to my skin that I can get an ingrown hair during the first couple weeks of letting a beard grow. An electric has become my only option for neck shaving and even that leaves me with a few small bumps. I've had a cheap Remington, 2 different brain series 3s, Braun series 7, Braun series 9, and a skull shaver pitbull gold. The Remington and the skull shaver are junk. The Braun series 7 and series 9 are fantastic but I'm not a fan of the pivot and the motors are almost too strong so they cause irritation. The Braun series 3 is my favorite. Just strong enough to get the job done but not overly rough on my skin.

    My problem is the same I've had forever: nothing stops ingrown hairs on my neck. Even shaving just WTG has caused them while also giving crappy shaves (my hair is so dark and thick that I have a shadow even at BBS). I've been at traditional shaving for several years now and am familiar with my grain map and proper prep and beard reduction, I've tried way too many razors and blades, and even more soaps, creams, and aftershaves. I can grow a very nice full beard quickly and I work in a career path where a beard is acceptable, I had a long full beard between 2011-2016 and have had one off and on since then, however I hate the way a beard looks, feels, and maintenance involved. My wife likes BBS or full beard, nothing in between, causing me to chase BBS everyday or to not shave at all. I also shave my head (by choice) so DE shaving head + face to BBS everyday is 30-40 mins I don't have so an electric has been great and I really only pull out a blade for "date nights" but I still can't shake this neck irritation. I have a pic below that shows my neck growth pattern, just as reference, and fortunately my skin is calm as we speak because I haven't shaved my face/neck since Saturday night. This is only 2.5 days growth: IMG_20190312_080817712.jpg

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