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    So how many of you guys use an Electric razor foil/rotary shaver? I have the Braun series 3 340s-4. I've only used it a handful of times. While it doesn't get as close to my DEs or carts, it's very convenient if I'm in a rush and don't have time to use any of my other razors.
  1. I use Speed Xl by Norelco. $114952967768.jpg
  2. Never tried a rotary before. How does it compare to a foil shaver? Assuming you tried one of those before..
  3. I used to use fancy Braun foil electrics a few years back. I tried a rotary but it felt pretty uncomfortable to me though. I'm sure that's a huge YMMV thing.

    I left electrics because of the cost. Those Braun head replacements were probably 50-60 bucks, and I never got six months out of them as claimed (although I would keep using them that long to save money). They were usually getting pretty uncomfortable after no more than three. Plus they required those proprietary cleaning cartridges that were pretty expensive. In a bizarre twist, I got driven to high end Gillette cartridge razors as a cost saving measure.
  4. I have a spiky whisker so the Rotary is better than foil. I use it for quickie emergency shaves while on travel.
  5. How are/were your guys' actual shaves with these electric in terms of closeness? Did it give you a DFS/BBS or leave a bunch of stubble everywhere?
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    Just about every "test" or "poll" that I have read re electrics has indicated that the majority of men prefer the foil type. I have tried Norelco, Panasonic, Braun, and Remington and have a definite preference for the Norelco/Phillips rotary. They are much quieter and therefore feel like a more precision instrument, and on a multi day growth I get a little bit better shave from the rotary. On a regular daily shave, I can't tell much if any difference between the final results of foil versus rotary.

    IMO the key to success with an electric is just like wet shaving -- prep and technique. I like to scrub really well, dry off, and then apply either shave powder or lectric shave. Skin stretching with a light touch and multiple passes in different directions from there on out. Too much pressure does not improve results and can result in skin irritation.

    I can consistently get a result that is 90-95% of what I get with a blade wet shave, and in significantly less time. The big difference is that a blade shave lasts longer. My current routine is a cartridge shave every other day, substituting the electric when really pressed for time.

    Electrics are a good news, bad news thing. The good news is that all of the major manufacturers offer generous trial periods with full refund of purchase price if not satisfied. The bad news is that prices have really gone up on the top of the line models with some now over $300 or even in the $500 range.
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  7. I found the foil electrics very irritating to use and could not get a close shave. I had 3 PM shadow at 11 AM. Funny, I get no irritation with me DE Ikon slant razor.
  8. My dad was a confirmed electric razor shaver and just wanted to look presentable. I was never satisfied. My mom told me about the day dad's electric went on the fritz and when he used my multiblade razor, and he cutting himself and cussing right and left. :lol:

  9. Wow that's a scary picture above! I shaved with my Braun last week with Edge shave gel and of course hot water prep. I actually got a decent shave everywhere except my neck area. On my left side the growth does somewhat of a swirl pattern...that area is difficult to get with you can imagine the results from the electric. I just pull my Braun out for S&Gs..I did pay close to $70 for it awhile go.

    The good thing about this type of razor is that it shaves pretty good and saves a lot of time. So if I'm ever in a pinch where I don't have time to do all the things I'd normally do, I'll be pulling this out to use.
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    If you haven't already tried a dry shave with shave powder or lectric shave, you may want to. I think it makes the hair "sit up" a little better, especially on the neck.
  11. I may at some point grab a bottle of lectric shave and see how it goes.
  12. When I worked third shift I regularly used an electric razor. Unfortunately, the model I had the best results with is no longer made. Regardless, I regularly got zits and razor burn on my neck from the shaver.
  13. I have three. The best of the lot is a Panasonic ES-RT51 wet/dry. It's a foil model, and works quite well used wet with a good cream.
  14. On my face, I use a very inexpensive battery powered Mitaki Japan Elshav (purchased on ebay but available on amazon for slightly more money) model with two rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries. The razor has two foils and a slide up trimmer. I get a good shave when I use it dry, but I get an excellent shave (as good as I get with a DE razor and just as long lasting) when I use it with my own homemade liquid preshave (one oz rum, 1oz witchhazel, one tablespoon tapioca starch and one quarter oz olive oil which has been infused with cloves). My preshave smells great and also works as an aftershave. Afta electric preshave also works well. This razor can be water washed. That said, I usually just brush it out to clean it.

    On my bald head. I use a very inexpensive norelco pq208 battery powere two head model, again with two Sanyo Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries. This razor I use dry with some corn starch rubbed on before to reduce friction. The shave with this razor is good, but not as close. That said, this razor does a better job on longer haira and I usually only shave my head every three days or so. This razor cannot be water washed, but if you remove the head, that part can be taken apart and water washed (just let it thoroughly dry before using the razor again). That said, I usually just brush it out to clean it. If I want a baby butt smooth head, then I will use my other razor afterward. I get irritation if I try to use the Norelco on my face.

    I have had both razors for two years or more and have not needed to replace anything. It is actually cheaper to buy both of these razors than it is to buy replacement heads for any one standard electric razor.

    I get at least three weeks use on one charge with both razors and always keep extra batteries precharged so I can just swap them out if they run low. I like DE razors, but electric razors work better for me with less irritation. Heresy on this board, I know!
  15. To each their own. It's a YMMV kinda thing with everything....for me I just can't get a super close shave with an Electric razor. I only use mine when I'm in a pinch, otherwise it sees no use.
  16. Used my Norey XL today...quick shave.
  17. What is shave powder? Product link?

  18. About a year out of high school I got a cheap foil electric shaver as a present...well, maybe it wasn't cheap, dunno. What I do know is it always nicked and pulled, though it did give a pretty close shave. I probably wasn't using it as I should, no shaving cream or anything except water, iirc. I got better results in basic training with single blade disposable BIC razors, though the cuts were also worse. lol
  19. I have a Remington F5800. I can get a DFS with it if I apply some mousturiser just before the shave. You can't use creams or soaps with it though which is why I started DE shaving recently.

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