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The Edwin Jagger / Muhle Pinsel Connection

By now, you probably know I'm a big fan of Edwin Jagger products. A few people have mentioned an Edwin Jagger / Muhle Pinsel connection, so I asked and here is the response I've received.

Ever since Edwin Jagger began to manufacture all the components for its’ own products and the branded items produced for leading retailers, Neil Jagger began the search for a superior quality of badger hair to complement the exquisite shaving brush handles he designed and created. By ‘superior’ we mean the actual hair colour and feel, the density of the bundles and importantly the skilled tying. By coincidence, at the same time, Hans Jorgen Mueller, who founded Muehle Pinsel, and his son Christian were also looking for a new supplier to produce some of their quality shaving accessory components; and so a great relationship was forged.

The synergy that exists between Edwin Jagger and Muehle Pinsel is quite unique. Both companies retain individuality and independence but the desire to produce the absolute finest is paramount. As family run businesses both are passionate about, and expert in, the wet shaving arena but at the heart of it all there is desire for customer focus and exemplary customer service and satisfaction.

The bond between Edwin Jagger and Muehle Pinsel is such that newer and finer products are developing and the future of the union is very exciting.

Another follow-up question from Chris over at SMF resulted in the following response.

However, just for the record, we make all the Edwin Jagger items, from scratch, here in Sheffield and also make high quality, own brand shaving items for many other leading accounts across the world.

Hope this clarifies things for you.

So there you go. Two top-notch manufacturers working together to bring us the best.
Interesting, if slightly cryptic. The way I understand that, the point is that they each make their own brushes, but have some sort of joint relationship with the same hair supplier?
Exactly what I'm reading.

On a sidenote: I think a lot of shavers are looking at the handle first, rather than the business end, or the bristles.

With my limited experience, it's tough to gauge what the bristles will be like once they're wet. Wouldn't it be to our benefit if brushes were shown wetted or with lather?
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