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The Duke is Dead

@nelsonic21 , has the Duke been brought back to life?
Not completely. I gave it a good cleaning with some Dawn dish soap and used it the next morning. While it did build a better lather for the first pass, the second was very thin. I used it again this morning loading it with a good amount of Simpsons shaving cream and found that it built a good lather for the first pass, but there was hardly any left for a second.

Then I loaded it with some leftover soap I keep in a mug and it produced enough for a good second and third pass. So it might be the cream that the Duke doesn't work well with though my other badgers have no problem. When I move on another soap I'll try the Duke out again.
I could lather with that brush. Heck, I own two Syntex brushes and they are made of plastic! They lather like a dream. Sum'n goin on... You'll figure it out. On the other hand... If you are just being coy about wanting to buy yourself a nice new brush, I will happily endulge you and say, "you're better off getting what you want instead of fighting with that old brush."

Happy shaves :)
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