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The Difference the Stiffness of a Brush can Make

In the vast annals of Badger and Blade the topic of the difference the stiffness of a brush has on the same soap has probably already been addressed; however, I just wanted to add my experience with one soap that had been bothering me until recently.

About a year ago I received a bowl of C&E Sienna soap. At the time I was using Gold Dachs shave soap and a Vulfix silvertip badger brush to face lather as I usually do. Normally, I use the same soap until the entire puck is gone, but I thought since the Sienna soap was already in the bowl that I'd give it a try. After using the Sienna soap for about a week I had to give it up because I just could not get a decent lather out of it and my face was definitely not up for more experimentation. After going through the Gold Dachs and a puck of Tabac I returned to the Sienna soap with the same setup thinking that I was now older and wiser. With the same setup I achieved the same result, a not so creamy lather that dried out as I shaved and even if I lathered my face in sections the soap was not conducive for even a passable shave. After a month of experimenting with water, glycerin, and oil I began to think that it was the soap. Fortuitously for the Sienna shave soap I received a Rooney pure badger brush for Christmas and decided to take a stab at the soap with this new variable and Lo! on the first try the Sienna produced a slick, creamy, shaveworthy lather.

After over three weeks and switching back and forth between the two brushes with the same results I guess some soaps whip up differently depending upon the stiffness of the brush. I do have to say though, that the Sienna shave soap has the highest hardness (not difficulty, though it took me some time to get it right :blush:) of any soap I've used previously and that could be the cause for requiring a stiffer brush. Just some thoughts that I had and wanted to share.
I hear you. Haven't run into that with anything I currently have, though. I've used my "floppyest?" bush, BLK12 with my hardest soap (MWF) with outstanding results. Not saying every combination will work but I do find the different combinations require different techniques.

Glad you worked through it though:thumbup:

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