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The day my brush took a dive...

This morning it finally happened. While reaching for my synthetic shaving brush (in the midst of my shave), I inadvertently knocked it off the counter and it fell right on top of our plunger! I immediately rinsed it off and set it to dry. Needless to say I'm not sure if I'd ever trust using it again, but I thought I'd throw it to the forum to see what the consensus was on: a) if it can be cleaned and sanitized; and b) how that might be best accomplished.
I was in the juggling act with mine the other day. Second time it almost slipped out of my hand. Each time I caught it but ended up with lather all over my shirt.
PIF it.
Just kidding. Dawn, rinse, and dry. If you are still weirded out, just ask yourself what happens to the brushes while they are being made, packaged, and shipped.


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Toilet plunger? Having a hard time visualizing the brush falling on top of a plunger. How much contact could it have?
Since this is a synthetic brush, if you are really concerned about sanitation, a quick dip in Barbicide solution, 5% hydrogen peroxide, or isopropyl alcohol would kill nearly anything you might be concerned about. I would not do this with a natural hair brush, but it should not hurt a synthetic. Do not soak the brush as the glue of the knot might be affected. Of course, thoroughly wash the brush afterward in dish detergent or shampoo to remove all traces of the disinfecting chemicals before you shave. I agree with the others, though that detergent alone should be sufficient. that is what I would do if it had been a natural hair brush.
Echoing the others: dish soap and a diluted vinegar soak for good measure and it's good as new.

I hope I never find myself in that situation though.
Next time your scrubbing your toilet, swish your plunger around in the bowl. While you still won't be wanting things to come into contact with it, you will be more comfortable should things come into contact with it. Repeat anytime after you have to use the plunger again.

A good wash with antibacterial soap should make it fine though. A boar had my brush for several years before I purchased it. You should have seen how he treated it. :)
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