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The Daily Double

DD not Tuesday, but...

Pass 1 J.R. Torrey, just off my hones for a first shave
Pass 2 Merkur 37C / Feather (2)
Omega cream and bowl-lathered Cella
Whiting-Adams ancient boar
Alum, witch hazel, HazelHopHusker AS
Smooth shaving, no Feather issues, no sting. Delightful.
D and D

It has been a while since I have been in the mood for a straight, but I wanted to try out my first badger brush with a really nice soap my brother sent me from Italy.
This is also the first time I have used this Ontario Cutlery Geneva, it seems to have taken a nice edge and didn't leave much for the GC 84 to finish with.

I must say I am impressed with the Acqua Di Parma, the scent is intoxicating, the performance is excellent, my face is happy.

DD yesterday’s mail call, today’s shave

Prep: Williams Mug face wash and knot break-in
Pass 1: Dovo Barbarossa Spanish point detail razor
Pass 2: brand new (to me) 1916 Gillette Single Ring with a brand new Supermax Blue Diamond
Cream and soap: Lea menthol and BOSC Special Reserve CLW
Brush: brand new 3D printed two-band badger
Post: nuttin’, it’s all good (and it’s Saturday - the barbarians are banging on the gates of the den)

Mail call courtesy of a distant B&B brother.

Love the Single Ring. Hey, this shave was an ‘SR’ double. Maybe a little smoother than my ball end NDC Old Type.
Had a great shave today with a new to me Ever-Ready 1914 little lather catcher. Also new to me is the Tabac soap and the Treet blade. I switched the Treet out for a Gem blade but look forward to trying it in other razors. This was all a gift from a friend. I didn't ask if was ok to say where they came from but you know who you are. Thank you so much for the generous gift.
I used the JA Henkels a bit just to try to stay in practice. And to try to keep up with @Tanuki and @Rosseforp.