The Daily Double

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    So, the daily double stems from only being able to shave once a day and having a collection of several types of razors. What's a person to do? :a29:It also stems from the fact that some razors are better than others for some individual shaving needs.

    Some of use routinely use more than one tool because literally one size does not fit all. I use a Schick E Type regardless every day. It fits my nose and sets the side burns simply better than anything I have found.

    If you want to join us, please feel welcome and know that all combinations are intensely welcome.
  1. B9BD2453-D264-4ECE-B7CB-C894C00CDFD7.jpeg Late 1930’s Gillette Sheraton open comb TTO, made in Fremont, Ohio Demascara 5/8
  2. WOW!!!!! When you do a Daily Double, you don't mess around....those are gorgeous!!!! :a14::clap::a14:
    Great way to start to this thread, and while I'm just a spectator at the moment, I will be joining you before long....this is a great concept!!!

    @Clay S, I think I recall seeing one of your shaves and it was a multi-razor that something you're still doing...or am I totally mistaken?
  3. See you soon my good friend. :a50:
  4. I will join in tomorrow.
  5. Perfect. :a14:
  6. That was September. SEptember and SLANTember. It was actually two events for the same month, so I did different passes with each. Lately I've been doing single ATG pass. I might do a few 2 pass shaves for this.
  7. 85FBC1EB-41D4-4C36-8CE1-B0F49475365E.jpeg 1958 GEM Push Button/circa 1930 Theo Kochs Marcella 11/16
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  8. Very nice @Twelvefret how do you like the pushbutton compared to other Gems? Where dose it land in the efficiency/aggression range.

    Here is my entry Gem clog proof first pass Star second pass and cleanup. And Gillette super adjustable for my wife to clean up the back of my neck. Tried Arko for the first time today. A member sent me a sample. Not quite sure about the scent. But the lather was nice. 20190127_065708_HDR.jpg
    Sorry not the best picture.
  9. Nice stuff there!!!.:a14:

    Thank you for joining in, friend. I'm not the best one to ask. I can get a good result with any GEM if the blade is sharp. I just like the looks of the PB. It looks so '50's
  10. The looks are growing on me. When I first saw them I didn't care for them at all, partly because I have never liked yellow gold. But in razors yellow gold is growing on me, I actually prefer a good user grade with lots of brassing.
  11. I like a $7 razor......:a29:in little or unused condition. :a14:
  12. MMOC/John Holler SR
  13. Yesterday: Maggard Slant, Gem 1912
    Today: Gold Dollar 66, Blue Diamond - S.R.Droescher 106, Pearlduck Dubl Duck Special No. 1
  14. WooHoo :a17::a17:
  15. 1934 Gillette #88/J.R. Torrey "Our 136"

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  16. New LC, Gem 1912
  17. Very nice guys. I used my Gem MMCP and my 46-50 fat handle tech today. With Cella mixed in a bit of dragons blood soap, which made for an interesting scent simular to amaretto. A little lavender after shave gel, which I am nearly out of.
    The result was a CCS using the MMCP for most of the 3 pass shave this is the Gem stainless blades 8th flip and a KAI blade 3rd use in the Tech for final touch up on the more sensitive spots on my neck.
  18. Those go together like peas and carrots. ;)
  19. @Twelvefret should I post that in Micromatic Monday also.

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