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The Cult of Streamline - Streamline & Jewel owners

The family as it stands right now:


^ William, very nice :thumbup:

I only have one (no cool cases or strops), here it is from yesterdays shave...

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Nice collection!
Are the two in the silver cases similar or are there variations?
Are they both EverReady brand?
Are the Jewel's the GEM version of the ER?
is the Ambassador ER or GEM?
thanks in advance!
2 in metal cases are identical ER Streamlines.
The two Jewels are both GEMs (white cases in top right.)
The green ambassador is also an ER.

Always glad to talk about my razors. Feel free to ask anything.
Thought I'd share today's shave with you gents. It was great, the Tabac was excellent and the Streamline was perfect. Happy days!


As a point of interest this Streamline is the "old type".
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