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    hi guy's over the past week or so i have noticed the great finds some of you have had with Ever Ready Streamline Sets,
    the intention of this post is to keep track of how many Streamline/Jewel Sets or single razor finds, we have here at B&B, and as a reference point, for all members interested,

    These razors are very hard to get hold of, altho not as scarce as the GEM Jewel, which is the sister set to the Streamline,
    the Streamline is considered the BEST single edge razor, for build and production quality, the style is very sleek and very well balanced, but a lot heavier than most other Ever Ready and GEM razors at 45g, they were producedbetween the early 30's and up to the late 50's,

    For those who have used one, the razor has become their all-time favourite shave tool! You could even say they are the Aristocrat of the SE world,

    Some sets included the Streamline Razor a Streamline Auto-Strop and leather strop,
    Other sets included the Streamline Razor by itself, sets are housed in a stylish art deco style bakelite case with 2 internal blade holders, most of these cases are a cream/off white colour,
    altho i have seen a single set with a brown case, there were also some in a metal case with purple lining,

    there's probably lots that i have missed, but IF YOU OWN a Ever Ready Streamline or the elusive GEM Jewel, please post pic's with your name/tag, so we know who has what, and/or add anything or may have missed or gotten wrong,

    welcome to the Cult of Streamline…….



    thank you to moderator Jim, for posting guidance,

    (i haven't posted any pictures, because i'm sure the pictures that you the members of B&B can post and share would do better justice)
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  1. i got my Streamline Set as a Christmas present,


    it's in very good condition, the strop looks unused, and i got 4 unopened Corrux blades too,
    this razor started my SE addiction, (i now have 20 SE razors most bought from fellow B&B members, thank you!) now i'm on the look out for other sets or even singles.....
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  2. I am ready to...

    post pics of mine! :001_tt2:


    It has the blade cases now.
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  3. Streamline owner reporting! I have one in a blue bakelite case, including shipper. No pics, sorry! I'll see if I can make some in this weekend.
  4. Here's mine, got it off of our very own member, natchez. This is one of a very small number of razors that I would gladly give up all of the others for and use exclusivley, they are truly great razors.

  5. Do you have the 2 set with strop or just the Single one? Also do you have the Blade Cases for this one? Sure looks Pretty :eek:)
  6. Just the single, and I have the blade cases too.
  7. It would be cool if there was a modern re-issue of this razor.... :|9 hmmm
  8. well, i had my first Streamline shave today! WoW it was SWEET!! 2 passes no irritation!, 2 passes! 1 nick on my chin over a scar!
    but to date my best shave!
  9. i'd eventually like to find one of these as well.. the review about a year ago turned my eye to this SE. i stocked 200 SE blades with no current SE razors (except a cobra) for when one finally comes home...
  10. Here’s mine. I absolutely love it. My best SE razor, by far!


    I still don't believe the GEM Jewel exists. Someone post a picture of one to make me a believer, please!
  11. I have a beautiful example that I found 'in the wild' last week. Looked unused and came in a metal case with a purple lining plus blade case. Travelling at the moment so can't post pics but did so last week when I asked for help in identification. Absolutely love this razor.
  12. I've managed to snag two complete sets. One of them even has the cardboard shipper.

    Here are some pictures of the one that's in my rotation.



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  13. cool, Haiku! thank you lots! so the only difference is GEM instead of Ever Ready on the bottom of the head,
  14. thank you, Insomniac, HoosierTrooper, TheVez2 & Haiku for post in pics, Cal1961 i think you posted a pic here..... Ever Ready's in the wild thats cool,
    marcel, we're looking forward to seeing your addition,

    thanks all!
  15. Shhhhh! You're not supposed to encourage others to want one, I'm looking for one currently (without any success). If you search the BST I had a post there about a year ago looking for one and I'm still looking.... damn RAD....

    Oh, and I'm also looking for a Henckels Rapide or similar modern SE compatable razor (shameless WTB Plug). :angel:
  16. oh btw guy's has any got a scanned copy of the Instructions they can post up, to share?
    i'd like to take a look at it, thanks
  17. I believe I have instructions for the automatic stropping machine, but I don't know that I've seen instructions specific for the Streamline set. I'll have a look.
  18. Here's my set - the shipper is a bit groady, but hey .. best SE shaver I have tried, and I have tried a bunch. The weight & quality of finish are beyond all the others. But, sigh, no instructions with this $IMG_5714.jpg ,

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