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The concept of EDC


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Obviously my handy little pocket knife, my wallet, and a handkerchief go into my pockets first thing, but other items like flashlights, multi-tools, and fountain pens may or may not go in. I usually wear a wrist watch, but on the golf course or taking care of my granddaughter, the watch stays on the dresser. I am prone to not carrying my cell phone unless I will be out of the house alone, such as going shopping or taking a walk. So how many of your everyday carry items are truly everyday, and are they also all day?
My knife, pen, and Leatherman Micra on my house key ring are on me even when I'm home. I wear a watch 24×7, so when I leave I just grab my car keys, phone and wallet.


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In my pockets, pocket knife, wallet, keys (keys have a bottle opener, USB stick), phone. And a watch on my wrist.

But when I go out I usually have a bag with me that has a whole bunch of other "possibles" in it.
EDC items for me are... Clothing!
I don't wear my watch or carry my keys or wallet or phone or knife or Pen when I'm at home. Why would I need to? They are very close by if I do need them. When I drive (being a truck driver for over 40 years) I don't have my wallet in my pocket. That makes for a sore backside and back. When I'm at work I will have three sets of keys, My Watch, my knife, and my pen. Everything else I may need will be in my bag.
I'd not have any EDC things but someone would complain if I wasn't covered up somehow. :)
I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets every day. Lots of keys, 3 knives, 2 small flash lights, 2 lighters, a couple $1 bills, change and notes to myself.

Each knife has a different set of tasks. Swiss Army knife cuts card board to be recycled every Sunday and the nice stainless blade cuts up food at work. The Uncle Henry 897UH is used mostly for splinter removal and hangnails, things that require precision and uber sharpness. I also carry a Bench made 3.9" folder (crazy sharp). I can't recall the model but it looks like a Spyderco Delica but no serrations and longer. This is only for cutting flesh in anger or cutting off clothing quickly in case of entrapment at work.
At one point in my life, I was that guy with the tactical khaki pants and pockets full. I was a police officer for 20+years and just followed everyone else's "sense of style". Those days are over with, though.

At home, during this time of year, I'm in sweatpants and a T-shirt and have absolutely nothing in my pockets or on me. If I go to work or do anything in town, I carry a few things but attempt to stay minimalistic with it.


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The single everyday item that is always with me is my smart watch with it's own sim (esim) card and phone line that is linked over the cellular system with my cell phone. Even if I leave my cell phone at home my watch will connect remotely and all calls or SMS will get to me. In addition, since it has it's own phone line I can initiate phone calls even when my cell phone is miles away from me.

Keys and wallet are always present when I am dressed.

A small pocket knife and often my old Greenaway folder will also likely be included.
When I'm in the house or just around the place I'm usually (this time of year) wearing a pair of sweatpants and a two-or-three-sizes-too-large quilted flannel shirt. There's a handkerchief in a pocket.

If I'm going to be working around the place I'm wearing sturdy boots, double-layer canvas pants, shirt, etc. In my pockets is a handkerchief and a "pocket" watch. The watch is a Timex Expedition on a "saddle." I have a short fixed blade on my belt. Because I'm within walking distance of the tools, I may have one in a pocket if I'm using it right then but generally not. There's a whistle in my pocket, for signalling "I hear you" when Mrs. Hippie bangs on the steel triangle to summon me from the estate.

Going to town I'm carrying a handkerchief, house keys, car keys, wallet, pen, watch sometimes. We live in a place with essentially zero cell service, so the phone's always off and stowed in a small bucket along with spare masks, hand sanitizer, some gloves, and other little items I may need but don't need to actually carry in my pockets. There's a "Leatherperson" on my belt, a bottle opener on my keyring along with a 4-inch crescent wrench. I also toss things in the bucket that I want to remember to take, like the bag of dead batteries that needs to be recycled, invoices that need to be paid, or things that need parts for repair.

Looks like my main EDC item is a handkerchief.

Wedding ring
Gold, plain
Left hand

Watch (not a smart watch)
Swiss Watch Company ARK
Left wrist

Wallet (with only the essentials)
Right front pocket

S22 Plus
Left front pocket

On the belt

Pocket knife
TRM Nuetron II, carbon fiber
Right front pocket

Reylight Pineapple mini, titanium
Left front pocket

Right back pocket

All the same except...
The knife gets traded for an Opinel #8.
Flashlight might stay home.

Like a day off, but Opinel gets subbed for a SAK Alox Bantam.

I cannot stress enough how useful a very small pocket flashlight is!
I carry a simple wallet in my front left pocket. It is a single pouch that is made out of duct tape. I happened to see them in a barrel at Smokey Mountain Knife Works while waiting to check out. Before that, I was carrying my stuff loose in my pocket, which wasn't good. I keep my smartphone in the same pocket.

I carry a Spyderco Endura clipped to the inside of my belt on my right rear. Mostly when wearing jeans. When wearing jeans, I also carry a Cold Steel Tuft Lite with a serrated blade, in the 5th pocket.

When I am wearing other kinds of pants, I will usually carry a 3" (or so) knife clipped on the inside of my right front pocket. I will typically select a knife that has scales that match the color of the pants I am wearing.

Keys will also go in the right front pocket along with a Sharpie. I clip a pen to the collar of my t-shirt, which is inside of my regular shirt.

Watch battery died during lockdown...
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