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The colder weather is coming. Seasonal soaps?

Declaration Grooming always comes out with some scents that i really like. Darkfall is great and Scrumtrulescent for a gourmand scent smells soooo good.
Wow the Stirling Agar is a great sandalwood soap. Reminds me of AOS Sandalwood with a bit of smoke to it. Hell of a performer too!
Bought a tub of TOBS Peppermint. Been eyeing this puppy since the day I first smelt it. I hear peppermint is a big thing during the winter times over at the States. Here at Europe not so much. Anyways....I link fall with tobacco, leather, spice and sandalwood.

Brian C.

A lot of my TASS soaps give off a warm, autumn-like vibe. Some of them are Fall for him, Strafford station, and Humidor. In order, I smell Vanilla woodsy scent, musky cabin-like scent, and sweet tobacco cedarwood. I don't enjoy the warmer scents compared to the summer-like fruity scents but it does make for a good change-up during the colder seasons.
I have these sane ones along with TASS Vetiver as my winter soaps. They are excellent.

AoM; B.O.S.S.;Knight of the Veg Table;MFR2019


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I have samples of these two on the way.

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Bumping this thread for 2020. Here we go... temps are dropping to the 30s at night, the leaves are turning and so is the soap/cream rotation. For me the cool, refreshing, citrus based soaps/creams go to the back of the shelf and I'm pulling forward the warm, comforting soaps. First on deck as always, MWF. The best cold weather leadoff hitter in history!

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Williams Mug, Mitchell Wool Fat, DR Harris Marlborough, Haslinger, and Cella for me in the winter. I'm not all that concerned with scent.
Sterling Mountan Man, PdP No. 63, Proraso Red, DG Massacre of the innocents, B&M Hallows and First Canadian Shave Mother-Fer will be my fall and winter soaps.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
It is a good one for sure.

Hmmmm... White could work too methinks...
It certainly could. I enjoy the Proraso blue cream in the cooler weather as well. Another mild scent, but there's some slight note of anise in there that gives off a sense of warmth...
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