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The Castle Forbes Giveaway Contest

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"Got Shoes?"
:a50: :a50: Attention B&B'ers. Here is another unbelieveable Grand Prize offered by our friends at Castle Forbes: When we asked Castle Forbes if they wanted to participate in our anniversary celebration, this was the response we received from their Director, Andrew French:

First of all we would be delighted to put up a prize/s for your contest. We thought that perhaps one of our Elite Gift Boxes would be appropriate. This is valued at $330 and consists of The Pre Shave, Aftershave Balm (both 4.4fl.oz), Shaving Cream, a Super Badger Brush and a Razor (both Handmade in the UK). The winner of the contest could choose either Lime, Lavender or Cedarwood and Sandalwood Essential Oils. This would make a unique gift as this set is not currently available in the US..

How about that for a Grand Prize! :eek:

Therefore, without further adieu, here is the Castle Forbes Giveaway Raffle!

Sponsored by our friends at:


The winner will be chosen this Sunday.

The same rules as all previous B&B raffles apply. Just enter a post- your post number is your number for the drawing. This contest is only open to CONUS members only. Regrets to our non-conus members!.
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I rode my scooter in the rain. It felt nice against my smoothly shaved skin. I'd definitely like it more with some Castle Forbes.
Another jaw dropping grand prize... Much thanks to all you mods and admins who put this carnival together and to the vendors who have supplied the prizes.
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