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The Carnival of Smiles "My Favorite Thing" about Carnivals Contest

Ill agree to the Gravitron!!


With the food being a very close second :biggrin:
My college put on a spring carnival every year. Each year has a theme, and the student groups build "booths" which have an activity inside. I forget exactly what the theme was this year, but one Frat built a death star. And being a major computer science school, the games are usually pretty cool.

I had a great time at the Texas State Fair with Mr. and Mrs. Richmondesi (learned a lot about farm animals too). . .

I also love the Gravitron. Every time I go to a carnival, it's the first ride I look for. Often I like to go on it when I get there, and before I leave, because that's how I roll.

I wonder how much they cost...

Looking at these pictures I am reminded there is a such thing as a carnival that doesn't live around Mardi Gras. But my favorite is still Mardi Gras itself. It is more than a single picture it is a lifestyle.

I used to LOVE carnival games. I'd beg to play those games and my parents would have to drag me away at the end of the carnival.

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