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The brush model number dilemma

Mike H

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The dilemma is that based on research by bladeshark and others, the Ever Ready and Rubberset company used model numbers as the suggested retail price. If a particular model sold for several years at the same price, then a trend could be established. Like the Ever Ready 140, with a retail price of $1.40. However, as prices changed, so did model numbers. Additionally, there were the odd brushes that did not follow this pattern. Like the Ever Ready 2000. There were also few models that did keep the same number, regardless of price.

The whole thing is a bit confusing. And could in part explain why there are so many model numbers.
The model numbers seem to follow a pattern but aren't always consistent. Here is an ad for a 400A that has a handle similar in style to my 150E but not exactly.
Interesting to note is as the price goes up there seem to be different hair grades: Fine Badger, Badger, High Grade Badger, Excellent Badger, Hand selected badger. The 400A looks like it could be a two band and the 450A three band.
The letter is the same for all hair grades. Maybe the letter is some kind of date or year code?


Maybe it has to do with the way it was packaged? As they describe it A (assortment) E (each)?
I don't know but I think the key to figuring it out is somewhere in the old ads.

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