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The Brotherhood Of Mustachioed Badgers

I'm in. Two weeks growth and I styled it for the first time tonight. I doubt I'll ever go back to my avatar 'tache again. Can anyone tell me what this style is? I'm tempted to say 'boxcar', but not sure.
$tash 1.jpg

$tash pipe.jpg
i am trying not to trim the center for a year. it has easily grown over my mouth, but with a bet if wax it is mostly under control.
Hard to make out the facial features and it looked like the typical Lenin pose.
A people's champion either way.
Lenin sported the better Van Dyke though, IMHO.
Ha! Yes, call the zoo, alert the insect house, there has been an escape. I'm sticking with 'boxcar'
*Brring brring*
Hello? 1930s? Yes, we'd like our words and clothes and moustaches back!

I'd go with maybe "chevron", which is more 1970s, if not VanDyke.

I'm two weeks on the road back to my avi.
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well, I'm back at the point where handlebars can emerge. Now it's a wait and see what the wife says. Will probably trim this weekend.