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The BRGAS (Back Roads Gold Appreciation Society)

A little more of his work:

Baseplate on my Gamechanger 84:

View attachment 1502265

View attachment 1502266

Lupo 72 SB in gold:

View attachment 1502267

Gillette NEW SC in nickel:
View attachment 1502268

Lupo 95 SB base in copper
Freshly plated:
View attachment 1502269

And developing patina:
View attachment 1502270

This week I plan to ship Chris my Dad's 1963 Slim (nickel replate) that he used 6 days a week for 33 years and my Lupo 95 OC baseplate for some copper TLC. I love his work and have the highest respect for him. I especially like how he has the updates built into his web site and updates every day so the clients are never in the dark as to what's up with their cherished razors. Also his turn around time is impressive.
I freakin' love that picture of your beast next to that GC84.
My wife asked me the other day how one of these razor revamps could make a razor "better than new." I think that personal attention applied to a mass-produced razor from an artisan like Chris (or Matt Pisarcik's crew at Razor Emporium) can always make that razor shine and work better than it did from the factory. Heck, even my own personal attention to the razors I've bought has made them better (usually). Sometimes, I don't know what I'm doing and I make things worse. Stalking Chris's YouTube videos has been incredibly helpful and fascinating too.
The question of making a refurbished razor actually "better than new" arises frequently.
Gillette made hundreds of thousands of razors, many of them were freebies included with a pack of blade purchase. The gold finish used was called "wash" since it was very thin and economical. In order to extend the life of the thin gold finish, razors were coated with a durable nitrocellulose lacquer. Use a razor for daily use that's already seen maybe 30 years of daily use, and the resulting additional wear can rub off the lacquer & gold finish.
So today, when I send in an old cruddy razor that is devoid of original finish & it is replated, it recieves actual plating, which is much thicker and resistant to wear than the old thin wash. It is truly better than the original finish.
NEW SC replate.jpg
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