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The best Bay Rhum cream I've ever tried!

What's the texture of the cream in the jar like? Is it like an English cream or is it thick and oily?

I've been searching of a Bay cream and bought one recently. It's pretty good except it burns my face after I apply it. I don't have sensitive skin and this has never happend to me before with any of my 50 creams.

The orange component sounds interesting, but I don't want it to smell like GOO GONE, either.
The orange scent is wonderful. The Bay Rum did not sting my face as I thought it might. It's a rich and well rounded scent that fills the bathroom. The consistency of the cream is thick but not oily to my senses. I do think part of the issue is I need to leave it in a cooler place. I can't imagine someone who relishes good creams, soaps or sticks would not be impressed with the richness of this cream.
TGQ creams are definitely thicker than the English creams, but I wouldn't call them oily. The orange doesn't overwhelm the bay rum either, it's balanced quite well. Just a note, the TGQ creams take a bit more work to get a good lather going, but you will be rewarded with a nice creamy lather.
If you tried Ogallala Bay Rum, Lime and Peppercorn aftershave, this is the perfect cream to go with it ;)

SWMBO and Mom approved ;)
I have the soap version of the TGQ bay rum w/ sweet orange, and I have done that combination several times. It also goes quite well with The Shave Den's signature scent (bay rum w/ bergamot) aftershave.
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