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The Best Balm? Proraso Liquid Cream or AOS Shave Balm?

Hi all..
Well, last week at the age of 37 I just tried shave soap for the first time. Ordered my brush and Proraso shave soap which arrived on Thursday and I have to say I am hooked! Friday I ordered my Merkur Futur razor and returned my $200 Norelco at Target today. I am a bit troubled that I have been missing out on this all these years.

Well, using my Mach cartridge until the Feather blades and Merkur razor arrive this week I noticed how dry my skin is (could be its brutally cold here in the NorthEast as well). What balm do you all recommend? Looking for a matte, no glossy finish but something that is good.

I came up with Proraso Liquid Cream or AOS Shave balm? Is one really better over the other? I have sensitive skin being a blonde Swede.

Any help is appreciated. Great forums by the way, have spent countless hours reading reviews over the last couple of days.

Thanks guys..



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The Proraso Crema Liquida Dopobarba balm is a great first choice. It's mild and very effective. Can't say a bad word about it. AoS makes great aftershaves, but at a (hefty) price.

Others to look for are the Musgo Real balsalm (their splash is even better), Speick, and the terrific, value driven Saint Charles Shave balms.
After using an ASB for almost a year, I began to get bumps around my temples. At first I thought it was dryness and applied more lotion, but it didn't help. When I stopped using ASB, they went away. Now I just finish up the shave with Dickinson Witch Hazel. I don't miss the ASB. The creams I use to shave with seem to be moisturizing enough and the witch hazel takes care of any irritation. The only place I still use a lotion is my forehead, where I use Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion. My Nivea, CF and #1200 ASB's are now in a drawer with my other no longer used shaving purchases.
My favorite ASB is Bigelow #1200 ... it is a great all-around performer, and with a mild, neutral scent, it mixes well with whatever EdT or EdC I wear that day.

#1200 is hard to find in the local stores, but you can get it by mail-order from the B&BW website. They are frequently out of stock, so if you catch it on sale, stock up. You can also order directly from Bigelow Apothecaries.

My top ASB is TABAC, but it is unavailable in the United States. I got a tube through a trade with someone that lives on the border with Canada. I use it very, very sparingly, since it is so hard to replace.

I've never tried AoS, but it has a good reputation. Proraso is reserved for the Dog-Days of Summer.
I would recommed Clinique post shave healer; I can't imagine any asb being better than this effective, non-scented product. The packaging is also wonderfully practical and understated.

At the moment I'm working my way through a bottle of Aveda asb (seems to last forever) which is also very effective and a bottle of Neem Hydra 5 aloe vera asb which is worth a look too
I haven't used the Proraso ASB but the AOS is pretty good stuff. Great scents too. But since I saw that you have a Target near by I would try some Every Man Jack after shave lotion. Great stuff. It has aloe and vitamin E. No parabens and no sodium lauryl sulfate. And it won't break the bank. Check it out.
I've owned both, and give the nod to the proraso, though both are good products :thumbup1: The proraso is milder and less thick/greasy, I think.
Proraso ASB smells fantastic and knocks out razorburn. Mine has been sitting in my cabinet for over a year because i only use it when i absolutely need it since the only way i can get it is by ordering it off the internet.
I'd have to give the nod to Proraso, especially if you have sensitive skin. Proraso has a great cooling feel to it, and soothes the skin like a champ. AOS (tried lemon and lavender) feels a little heavier and the citrus extracts can sting if you had a rough shave.

Another balm you might want to consider is Musgo Real. It is my current favorite. It is a little thicker than the Proraso, doesn't quite feel as cool, but soothes like a boss! And I love the scent of Musgo!!!
Proraso is very good, more light and cheap than the AOS if you have sensitive and dry skin I recomend AOS either you leave the skin matte but AOS with more moisturization, these couple is my favorite balms and really think AOS is a little best exept by the price.
Thank you Gentlemen... you have thrown in a handful of other ones to look out for that I will have to give a try. Thanks for the recommendations.

The comment about Clinique reminded me I had a bottle of clinique "moisture surge extra" from a few years ago still down in the basement that I never got to unpacking from when I moved. Put some on today and seems pretty good. It just melts right into your skin. No glow, and skin seems soft. For now, I also saw the sample pack of Truefitt and Hill and ordered one in for $8.50 with shipping included. Cant go wrong their.

I will be checking out probably most of the other ones you guys mentioned though so I am sure reviews will come in the following weeks/ months.

Thanks again Gents...


watch out Chris ...DE shaving should come with a wallet health warning

Exactly what I am trying not to get myself into! lol. Although I do have a huge medicine cabinet that I have a feeling will be pretty full soon.
Another nod to the Proraso here. I'm on my second bottle, and quickly working through it. Another good choice might be the Speick ASB, which is pretty darn good, too.
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