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The Bermuda Perfumery

When we went to Bermuda earlier this year, we picked up a sample set of all of their fragrances. 4 mens and 7 ladies fragrances.

I had forgotten about it until just recently so I feel compelled to put their link on the website.


Peruse at your leisure.
roughrider said:
How do you like them? Which one's your favorite?

Well, I haven't tried any of them except the Cedarwood, since I got my nose. When we first brought them back, I liked them, but didn't have an affinity for nice fragrances yet.

The Cedarwood I am wearing today seems to have faded away, I haven't had a wiff since around noon, but I did put it on around 4:30 this morning before coming to work.

But I liked it while it was around.
Mark, I believe the Parfum is "Amelia", and it sounds like it went the way of the camoflauge shirt I put in the closet. Haven't seen it since!

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