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The Beard Nod

Got more than the nod today. There were four other guys as well as myself waiting to get into a conference room today. Three had no facial hair, one guy had a little scruff, and then I have a full beard. One of the clean shaven guys said he participated in Movember and another clean shaven guy said he tried growing a beard once and due to the itching, he shaved it off. I didn't have a chance to ask him at what point he was at in the growing process. After the meeting and as we were walking out, the guy with the scruff said to me, "That's a great beard you've got there!" I thanked him and then thought, even though by comparison to other guys I would say my beard is okay, but could be much better, it goes to show you that others wish they had what you have and you may think the same. I know I do.
I see your beard nod, and raise you a "Love your moustache" from my 20 something year old waitress. Had it waxed with a good curl going that day. Talking about an ego booster!