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The Badger & Blade Shaving Brush Compendium

An integral component of traditional wet shaving is the shaving brush. Whether they are made with badger hair, boar bristle, horse hair or sophisticated synthetic materials, we ask our brushes to load with hard soaps, soft soaps and creams, and lather in bowls, in our palms or directly on our faces. It should be no surprise that these tools are represented by a dizzying variety that run from $8 models that can be picked up at the local drug store to specimens that run close to $1000 and are made from select hair and exotic handle materials. In many of our shave dens, these tools may be the biggest single investment that we make.

Here at B&B, we are blessed with a vibrant discussion of all things brush here in the Shaving Brushes Forum, as well as a deep collection of reviews that date back to the earliest days of the Forum. Your Mods and Stewards have initiated a project to compile as complete a listing as possible of currently available shaving brushes. This Brush Compendium is a work in progress that catalogs the brushes of each manufacturer and details each model with physical specifications for the brush, hair types available, and links to reviews and threads with detailed discussions of them. Housed in the Wiki, members can add pictures, technical details and novelty items of interest, but we ask that commentary be made the traditional way via threads in the forum or reviews, and links to those may be added to the Wiki pages.

What follows is a link to Manufacturers where you will find links to each brush model, as well as background wiki posts on the manufacturers. New posts and links will be added as the catalog for additional manufacturers are completed.

All Shaving Brushes in the Compendium

B&B Limited Editions

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What a great start Bob.. I'm sure I echo all the Brush enthusiasts with a hearty thanks... and a salute to all that is coming :w00t::w00t::w00t: :thumbup::thumbup:
You don't realize just how many different brushes there are until you start combining different grades of hair of different knot sizes with the same handle. When complete, this should be a tremendous reference for all of us (quick, hide my credit card).


B&B Tease-in-Residence
Excellent work. We need to help you out with pictures of each of the beauties you have listed in the wiki.


"Got Shoes?"
That is an awesome piece of work. It will be a great reference source at B&B for many years to come.

Kudos to Bob and evwryone involved in putting this together.
Thanks, gents. brianw, Luc and jkh have driven this as much as anyone.

Of all the brushes out there, the Simpsons and Rooneys have been easiest to catalog, given the wealth of discussion and materials that are available. We don't want to give any brush short shrift, so any and all photos will be greatly appreciated. We're working on Kents as we, well, speak, and we'll flip a coin between Omegas and Semogues to go next.
Another labor of love accomplished! Great job gents! :thumbup::thumbup:

I'll be checking in here often just to learn about the brushes I currently do not own. :blush:

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