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The B&B Members Real-Time Weather Report

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
We're at least 10-15 degrees F warmer than @South Dakota Guy this morning. Expected to get 8-10 inches of snow between now and tomorrow morning. The TV news and weather people are whipping the population into a panicked frenzy. SW Ohio.


Self Ignored by Vista
Left a drop light going in the pump house last night, and water dripping in the sink. Got up this morning and well pump was still frozen.

Put a portable propane heater and an electric space heater out there and after 5 hours, and hitting the pump with a hair dryer on high, we finally have water again.

Supposed to be -3 here tonight so propane heater has night duty. I haven't lived in weather like this since I lived in Kansas and northern Missouri.

I love my weather app. My wife isn't so crazy about it. But, even at 47, I have some of my 14 year old boy humor in my heart. Carrot Weather allows you to customize the level of inappropriate, vulgar, political, and profane language it will use. Available on macOS, iOS, and Android.



More snow today and tonight. I’m sure glad we don’t base our power on windmills. Good ole natural gas and coal are keeping our grid fully powered. We have some iced up windmills, but they were part of the reserve. We don’t depend on them except during the high load summer months.

Scenes from my parents house In Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Fortunately they were safe in PA, but the house is likely a total loss and some of their neighbors were killed in the tornado. Feeling incredibly grateful my parents weren’t down there.
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In Central Texas, just finished 144 hours below freezing. But hey, old Ted didn't have to worry about his Dom getting too cold down there in Cancun... Maybe we should take up a collection for him, he really deserves to go to Tahiti, Cancun is for the peasants.


Please, give what you can...

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Second day in a row with some sun here in SW Ohio, temps around 45F/7C. A nice slow melt going on out there. Got in a 6 mile XC ski this morning. Spring like snow. The way it is melting tomorrow might be the last day to ski- whenever it snows I start out on the trails in the local park but by the 3rd day the snow quality on those paths is destroyed by boots and dogs so I have to make my own bushwack trails, which is more fun and adventurous, and better exercise as well. I noticed this winter that other skiers are following my tracks through the woods. But as I said, by Thursday only the deepest north facing woods will still be holding enough snow for a good workout. Sometimes I really miss New Hampshire.
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