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The B&B Members Real-Time Weather Report

Here in the Greater Toronto Area it's expected to be soul-searing hot today, with the mercury pushing over the 30C barrier. The humidity will bring that nearer to 40C or around 100F
Looking to top out at around 105F with the humidex today. Absolutely brutal the last few days.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Hot and humid in southwest Ohio. Hazy sun with distant rumbles of thunder all day, but it's neither completely clouded over nor has it rained. Did the same thing yesterday. A colleague who lives 10 miles away just had an hour of rain, but none here.
Indoors: 78ºF with 2% Humidity
Outdoors: 109ºF on the radio / 112ºF on the east patio in the shade with about 15% humidity
A chilly 95º expected for Saturday


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
We were outside just now and it felt nice and cool. Comfortable for being outside.
93° and feels like 101°
49% humidity.


Self Ignored by Vista
Raining like crazy! Hurricane parked on top of us for more than 12 hours.
Guess that's better than no rain for 6 months...maybe. When hurricane Wilma stalled over Cozumel several years ago a friend of mine in San Miguel said there was 48 inches of water on the tarmac at the airport. The wind blew in her front door.

My Brother-in-law in Corpus lost his pier yesterday. He just had it rebuilt from the last hurricane.
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