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The B&B Members Real-Time Weather Report

Central Nebraska here. This week, we have had 91 degrees, three days of rain in the forecast, but no rain. Today it is raining, no rain was forecast, and tonight it is supposed to freeze. Want to get my garden finished, but maybe wait another week. The average last day of frost around here is May 12. With my luck, I better wait until Memorial Day is past. I recall my father planting potatoes on every St. Patrick's Day, and he never had a problem doing that, and we lived in central Kansas, only 200+ miles south of here. After a few years of living here, the difference from central Kansas weather was noticeable, but not significant.
Lousy-ana pesthole: We are usually sweltering in the mid-80s by now, and have been since early March. Our summers last 9-10 months, and our winters consist of someone putting up Christmas lights and an inflatable Frosty the Snowman on his front lawn. However, this weekend was much more tolerable, and we're still a fraction below the horrible usual for here -- high expected about 80 and humidity almost decent.
Mother Nature has done lost her mind . . . it is currently snowing just outside Toronto, and will dip below the freezing mark tonight.


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Flood warning tonight and tomorrow. Edge of the pond on this side is usually a few feet the other side of the T-posts, and the other side is usually a couple of feet below the base of the trees.




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Wow. How many inches did you get?
5 or so. Where all the water ended up going to was where a dam burst and they got over 9 inches.

The place I took the pics are still elevated, but going down. It's just a naturally low spot. Years ago a bridge washed out down there. It's about 3 miles or so from my home, the way the bird flies.

The latter part of next week looks like a possibility of more flooding.

My wife's chickens are building an Ark as I type this!

Edit: G**gle the "Edenville dam" and "Wixom Lake." Wixom lake is no more! My wife's friend told her that her pontoon boat is on the bottom of the canal. It was tied to the dock in the lake! A man who was there captured the dike collapse as it happened. What did we do before cell phone cameras, lol?
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