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The B&B CARNIVAL contest #5-The most Insightful thread/post

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The depth and breath of human knowledge, wisdom, experience, compassion and downright funny is a constant surprise here at the B&B. What post or thread has reached you, startled you or just plain made you laugh?
  • You can nominate any post or thread including your own.
  • The only posts excluded are posts made by current mods and admins.
  • Please include a link.
  • If you nominate a thread the OP will win.
  • Now get searching or posting!
This contest is being sponsored by the B&B Mod team and the prize is a B&B Essential Brush:001_smile

And another from our friends at -


Gents, a voting thread will be up Late Friday/early Saturday am.Vote HERE


"Got Shoes?"
Which brings up another question:

If I understand this correctly, the person who made the original post wins the prize, not the person nominating, so if Stan-the-Man vs. Stan the Man were to win, then Stan-the-man would be in line for the prize. But he's no longer a member... There is the possibility that this situation could be the same with other nominations as well... Perhaps something should be added to address that potential situation? :001_smile

:a50: :a50:

Excellent point indeedy there fella, so I'll tell ya what I'm-a-gonna do. This is a carnival after all, isn't it? :wink2:

The contest rules states that the original poster of the thread that wins the vote, will win the Essential brush.

However, if the original poster is not an "active member" ("active member" = left to the sound discretion of the Moderators :tongue_sm) or the OP does not reply to a mod request for contact information within 48 hours of being awarded the prize or has been banned from B&B, then the brush will go the second place OP who's thread/post was utilized.

So the OP of the winning thread/post wins the Essential Brush.

However, to spice things up will be adding another prize to award the first person who nominated the thread/post as well.

So, the first person who nominated the winning thread/post will also win a prize. :a50: (unless the nominating member is a Mod :mad:)

Ex. If the Stan-the-Man thread wins. The OP is no longer a member. However, biomesh would still win a prize for nominating the thread/post.

The brush would go to the second-place finisher OP whose thread/post was utilized. The person who nominated the second place finisher would also win a nominating prize.

Got it? Good.

How's that? :biggrin:

Also gents, please remember, the Mods here are part-time carneys. It is our hope and our desire that all the members and participants in these contests will allow us the luxury of amending contests and/or rules as things progress.

Our main concern is that everyone enjoys themselves and has fun participating. The Carnival has been a success thus far and it will only get better.

(How much small print do you guys want? :001_rolle)

Last rule: Anyone who complains is disqualified. :lol:

And just to show you I'm not a bad guy, if Oldhope places a post in this thread within an hour from the time of my post, he will win a 4oz. bottle of either Royall Muske or Royall Spyce All-Purpose Lotion from our friends at Classicshaving.com


Oldhope, are you out there!
I found chickpea's new category of smoothness to really fill a much needed void in our terminology here at B&B. Acronyms are huge here, we used them on a daily basis, and before the term, damn fine shaves (DFS), the oh so coveted BBS had a huge gap between it and aspiring wet shavers. Chickpea filled that gap.

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