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The Anything Thread

EDIT This Thread is a Merged conglomeration of three large threads...

There's a New Czar in Town, No Title and whtvr threads are now The "New" Anything Thread. This is an homage to the long running Anything Thread that saw its title and location change numerous times. All in fun, of course.
EDIT x2 The April Fools Thread has been merged.

We all know that there are some threads out there competing to become the longest threads ever. Let's do our best to make the title of this thread as inaccurate as possible. :biggrin:

I'll start the ball rolling with an inflammatory, random comment:

PI is exactly 3!
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dude, if you bring up the nazis in an argument, you automaticly lose the argument, its one of the internet stone carved rules,

anyways, pie is 3.14, and anyone one who disagrees, well, good luck educating your kids, im sure they will do well on the work market,
[upon receiving a bundt cake from Mrs. Miller]
Maria Portokalos: It's a cake! I know! Thank you! Thank you very, very much.
[whispering to Aunt Freida]
Maria Portokalos: There's a hole in this cake!
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