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The ammo struggle is real.

I had to go get food today, and on the way back went to Academy. Now they put a stand in front of what was the gun showroom (they had 1/10 of what they usually have) , but anyway, on that stand: they had some 9mm, 38, 380 , 556, 45 nd 40. You can get 3 boxes....only 38 and 380 were 100rds. 9 nd 556 were 20rds. Prices were kind of normal. Last time I was there...they let me get 5 boxes....those were shells that day (no pistol nor 556). Today all shells were 7.5 or 8.... didn't see a single turkey shell.
A dude got a SW 9mm; they had some Canik, and a Glock 17 Gen3 . Revolvers: SA 22
So I'll just share this here in case someone is looking...

They have about 200k LRP and 50K LRP-M in stock...

If anyone needs (or wants) good tactical/LE-grade 12 gauge (price complaints aside), while it lasts:

Dood! That is nuts! I just looked and I picked up 500 rounds of 12 Gauge RIO Low Recoil 2.75 inch 00 Buck Shot 9 pellet ammo and 250 rounds of S&B 12 Gauge 12 Pellet 00 Buckshot 2.75 inch in March for $333.78. For non-HD, Wally World sells Remington STS No.9 1-1/8 oz 2-3/4 dram stuff for like $6.00/box.
Looking for ammo now reminds me of when I started collecting razors. I would go to every antique mall and occasionally find something and it usually was at a high price and hard to find. After a while I started to go to small out of the way places and found deals and more razors. To put that in perspective with ammo I have been going to some of the smaller LGS and have found ammo at a decent price. Yesterday I walked into a place that I have been going to for the last few months and the owner pulled out some ammo that was tucked away behind the counter. Since I buy the majority of my ammo there, they keep some for regulars and fortunately I have become one of the regulars. I have a brick of 22lr coming my way for pre-covid prices in the next month. It pays both ways to support the small guy.
I remember 2013.

2013 was not like this.
This is correct; stores stocked out then restocked quickly with "scarce" ammo. Even .22 was showing up here.

Not every week but it came back into stock and usually in most of the typical loads and bulk boxes.
This is correct; stores stocked out then restocked quickly with "scarce" ammo. Even .22 was showing up here.

Not every week but it came back into stock and usually in most of the typical loads and bulk boxes.
Must be a local market thing. .22 was scarce for about a year here and other calibers came back in about 9 months.

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Great pricing on that. IMO buy more!

#8 is as baseline as you can get for upland birds & clays. You'll shoot it eventually anyway.

That's 5.63 a box. It's fair, but not great.

I shoot trap/skeet and run through 80 to 100 boxes a month. I try to keep my ammo under 5 a box. In the past month I have bought ammo for under $4.50 a box before taxes.
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Rudy Vey

Went to my local indoor range for the first time since March. The gun shelves are empty...hardly anything left in the store. Don't forget this is NJ where you need a permit for every handgun purchase...if you lucky and get them, you can use one every 30 or 31 days...Haven't applied for permits for a few years, but since the stores are pretty much empty, this is a moot point anyways. They sell one box of 9, 40 or 45 per person per day...and two of 22. The pickings are very slim...Lucky me that I reload and just loaded up on primers and powders earlier this year. Got a few thousand .45 230FMJ fro Precision Delta, took three days to get here - ordered on the 14th, they arrived on the 17th at 2 pm - FEDEX Express shipped from MS to NJ. Not bad..I am set for a while now. Looks like it is not getting better soon, primers seem to be the worst to get.
Stopped by a Rural King today and was talking to one of the clerks in the gun barn. He said ammo has been slow coming in and when it does come in it gets purchased in a few hours. He said they received 7000 boxes of 9mm and it was gone in two days.
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