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The ALPHA Team is recruiting members



So, just who are The ALPHA Team?
We are Aftershave Lovers Perpetually Hunting Avon (ALPHA).

From the 1960s to the 1990s Avon produced an assortment of wonderful scents of aftershave and cologne. They sold them in an assortment of decanters which were available in a variety of special shapes ranging from cars, animals, sports, tools, and other special interest designs. They even made one bottle shaped like a shaving brush and another like a DE razor. All in all they produced well over 200 different bottle designs. They ranged in size from 2 oz. to 8 oz. and some of them included part of the bottle that holds talc in a matching scent.

So why do we love hunting for Vintage Avon? Two reasons, mainly. The first is that the bottles are just too cool. If you have a hobby or an interest outside of wet shaving, chances are they made a bottle that will fit into your collection. The second reason is the scents that Avon produced in that timeframe were amazing, and the aftershave and cologne in those bottles are still good after all these years. The bonus to that is there is an abundance of these bottles out there and can be easily found in most antique stores, thrift shops, and goodwill stores for as little as $1-$5. This is cheaper than common drug store aftershave you can buy today, and the quality is much better.

The ALPHA Team is now actively recruiting members. What is required to be a member of this elite group?

1) Post in this thread your love of vintage Avon decanters, aftershave, and/or cologne; and your desire to be a member of The ALPHA Team.

2) Add a line to your signature saying you are a member of The ALPHA Team, telling B&B that you are a member of the elite group of Avon hunters (not mandatory, but it's just fun).

3) Continue (or start) posting pictures of Avon bottles you find in the Vintage Avon Find thread that was started by HoosierTrooper.

Here are the founding members of The ALPHA Team.

We welcome anyone to be a part of this elite group. Do you have what it takes to be part of The ALPHA Team?

Disclaimer: Use this thread to discuss the wonders of Avon, the different scents or whatever, just do please leave the posting of pictures of new Avon acquisitions to the Vintage Avon Find thread. Thank You.
Proud to be an Avon hoarder! Now to just con the little missus into making room for one more boxful of kitschy decanters....
John, I don't think I've ever tried the black suede, but I'm not a fan of the current wild country. It is too light and sweet compared to vintage. Good thing I've got enough vintage WC to last the rest of my days!


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
Love Avon! Have most of the vintage scents, and personally addicted to Avon Everest. I will have a lifetime supply of it one day.
Love me some Avon! Most days, if I'm using aftershave, it's vintage Avon. And I refuse to give more than $4 for a bottle, full or not. Due to this, a lot of Avon bottles get left behind at the antique malls!
Ok ALPHA Team, we've been given our first mission. Let's discuss the various Avon scents in an attempt to accurately describe them, and if they are a clone, identify the fragrance that they are imitating. When complete, we can add this info to the Wiki.

I'll start with a mostly complete list, if I've left something off, please add to it. I don't have a good nose for frags so my initial input is from what I have gleaned from online. If it is incorrect, adjust as you see fit.

Vintage Avon Scents
All Purpose Cologne -
Avon Original -
Bay Rum - Self explanatory
Blend 7 -
Blue Blazer -
Bravo -
Brisk Spice -
Clint - Leathery, woodsy. (Aramis clone?)
Cool Sage -
Cordovan -
Deep Woods -
Everest -
Excalibur - Leathery, woodsy. (English Leather clone?)
Friktion - Bergamot, Balsam Fir, Musk.
Gallant -
Granite - Minerally aquatic.
Island Lime -
Leather - just pure rugged leather scent.
Light Musk -
Oland - Leathery, Smokey, Spicy (similar to Aramis?)
Sea Zone - Aquatic
Spicy - Schulton Old Spice clone
Sports Ralley -
Sure Winner -
Tai Winds - Oriental blend: citrus, musk, spice. Jade East clone (also compared to Hai Karate or Kuros)
Trailblazer - leather and tonka bean chypre
Trazarra -
Tribute -
Triumph - Cool Water clone?
Weekend -
Wild Country - inspired by Clubman and Canoe, but sweeter and more powdery.
Wild Country Musk -
Windjammer - Light, citrusy. (like Hai Karate?)
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Thanks. I added it, althought I don't believe that scent was ever made into an aftershave or cologne. Good to discuss anyway.
Thanks. I added it, althought I don't believe that scent was ever made into an aftershave or cologne. Good to discuss anyway.
Mine came in the razor bottle if it makes a difference. I've never used it, but it seems to have an aftershave consistency more than a lotion.
Yeah, it's still a splash, even though it is called a lotion. I think bracing lotion was meant to be more of a body splash than just solely an aftershave.
My love of the Tai Winds can no longer be restrained. I too would like to become a memeber of ALPHA TEAM.
Welcome to the team Deano! Tai Winds is pretty hard to resist. It's my favorite Avon fragrance, by far.
Welcome to the Team, Deano!! :001_cool:

KJ, I'll step into the mission by taking a crack at Tribute. I think this one is a knock-off of Yardley Original. It's a cologney fragrance with a sharp lavender top, bitter floral orange, and woods. Unlike most Avon scents, it's not very sweet or musky, though it dries a little sweeter than Yardley does.

P.S. After about 20 minutes drying on paper, the Yardley is mostly woody, while the Tribute is mostly orange blossom.

I'll pull out my Trazarra and Weekend pretty soon and try to sniff them out. I think they'll be tough!
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Thanks John. Feel free to copy and repost the master list to update. Also check to see if you agree with everything I posted. I was just going off of what others have said, mostly so I can't vouch for the accuracy.
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