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The $1,000 Dollar Shave

Been wet shaving off and on for almost a decade. I love the art, and I love the modern hardware and software offered. Like most of us, I started shaving with very inexpensive items that provided fantastic shaves. But as you get into the hobby and really want to treat it like a hobby and not simply a utilitarian requirement, the addiction to trying new things, and buying more expensive soaps, razors and brushes take hold. I had a bit of an epiphany today as I shaved. I really love high-end, well-made things which have led me to buy very pricey razors, brushes, soaps, splashes, etc.

Today I shaved with 1,000 dollars worth of equipment. I am not sure whether to feel gross, cry or be happy about it but it seems so weird. Yet at the same time, there is something so crazy and beautiful about being able to buy such fine items that (the hardware at least) could potentially last generations to come. So many of us pour lots of money into this hobby and have huge collections. It's pretty crazy to think about how much money is sitting on the counter sometimes. Do you all ever think about it?

Either way, I had a fantastic shave with my new Rocnel Sailor 2022, Declaration Grooming Cold B14 Jefferson, SV 70th Anniversary soap and splash.
I imagine your bathroom fittings cost money too, so I think we’re all using equipment that costs a fair bit when we shave. The thing is to enjoy the shaves and if it gives you pleasure every day the amount you spent per shave is worth it.

Or, as the greatest enabler of all time, Henry Royce once said, the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.
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LOTH here says, “Traditional wet shaving is the least expensive hobby you have ever had!”

She is absolutely correct! Compared to custom fly rods, sports cars, stereo equipment, etc., etc., I am saving $!!:a29::a29:
Fly rods!! Fly fishing is a passion of mine.
Hence my screen name.
Get what you have the means to get. It's all good! I have $5 flea market Techs sitting right next to my Wolfmans and other higher end razors. They all cut hair. I love them all. Brushes too. However my software tastes are pretty narrow, and very reasonably priced. So I'll never reach that $1000 mark.
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