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That Which We Call a Rose

Here is a question for everyone who enjoys lists. What is your favourite Rose cream and/or soap? To open it up a little more, if you could choose two Rose creams/soaps, which two would you pick? T&H, Taylors, Trumpers, Salters, QED, etc.?

I only have tried T&H Rose cream, but love it. I am ready to try another but am unsure what to nab. I would appreciate hearing everyones picks.
I love Taylor's rose. Then again, I'm a Taylor's man all the way! I have tried Trumper's rose but Taylor's to me, has a more complex scent.
For creams, Taylor's used to be king with their Rose. Alas, the new formulation is a shadow of its former self (stay tuned for a detailed comparison of their new/old formulations). Nowadays, the nod goes to Salters.

For soaps, nothing beat the old QED rose, which alas is no longer in production. The smell was so intense that literally my entire house would reek of rose after using it, for hours after.
I concur about the Salter's Rose. That said, if anyone has any QED rose that they found to be irritating, I'd be interested in trying it.
I had gotten a tub of the original rose from a trade months ago, and let me tell you the burning sensation was profound. I later traded it with Richard (coche-y-bondhu); not sure how he made out with it.
Taylor's Rose [old formula] was my first and favorite rose cream. The tub of the new formula Taylor's Rose was like painting my face with wildfire; took me two days to get over that one. I wrote Taylor and they said their testing indicated no problems, however they did offer to sell me some old formula they still had in stock. I traded for a tub of the old formula and still have a little left, but I am searching for a new rose cream. I may give the Salter's a try later.

My favorite rose soap is St. Charles Shave Savory Rose. A very different fragrance, very intense and provides a good shave.
I really enjoy both Taylor's and Saint Charles Shave rose scents. They are not at all similar but both nice. I find the Taylor's to be somewhat of a perfumy scent while that by SCS smells like you are standing in the middle of a Rose garden.
just received the scs savory rose in a wooden container- man this stuff smells great. as kyle posted, just like standing in the middle of a rose garden.

I have to admit that I am not overly enamoured with Taylor's creams. The only two that I enjoy (from what I have tried) are Avocado and Almond. I liked a lot of the others at first, but I slowly realized that they do not agree with my skin. I have no idea why, but both Trumper's and T&H suit me far better.

I am very surprised to see all the love for the SCS Rose. Not that I had doubted the quality... I simply had not thought about that one and may need to place it on my ordering list. Right now, I am trying to decide between Salter's Rose cream and Trumper's Rose soap. Of course, who am I kidding, I will probably end up with the SCS, Salter's, and Trumper's! The SCAD is bad.
I enjoy Taylors Rose.....may be the old formulation. I don't know as the cream is in a tube. As far as soaps go........St Charles Shave Savoury Rose is unbeatable.

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