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Thanks…like I needed another AD

I'm an avid coffee/espresso drinker (bordering on to a fault) and recently have started drinking cheap tea around the office in the afternoons as a way to cut back on my coffee intake. So yesterday I decided to spend a bit of time reading about quality tea here. Well, long story short, I happened to be at the mall last night and stopped in Teavana (I know). While I know this place isn’t regarded as a long-term place to buy, it was an immediate outlet to scratch the itch I had. I bought a small amount of the Golden Jade Green Tea and tried it last night. Wow, what a difference from the stuff that I've been drinking that tastes like dirt. So, suffice to say, I'm sure this will now be day 1 of another AD and sub forum on B&B for me to read.
As much as I hate Teavana, their tea is still a big step up from grocery store tea bags or the horrible K-cups. Welcome to the club!
it was more of a way to try a few different types of teas. I plan to place some orders online, but wanted t get a bit of a gauge for my preferences first. I'm looking through online vendors trying to find sampler packs now as I'm sure most of the online vendors mentioned here will have far better quality and price.