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Thanks for having me.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I have been a lurker and have enjoyed these forums for many, many years.

The advice and information I have found here has in my opinion saved my skin/ face. I have inherited very sensitive skin (particularly on my neck) and suffered from severe cystic acne until my late teens, add to this a coarse beard and a growth pattern on my neck that is basically chaos theory in hair form!

I started out with the EJ DE89 with which I had a mixed experience. I could get a decent, close and comfortable shave with 100% concentration and using GSBs or Feathers, but if my mood or concentration were off the shave would be harder to acheive and would lead to severe irritation the next day including ingrown hair cysts on my neck occasionally.

I then moved on to a Braun Series 7 which initially I really enjoyed, mainly using it with soap and brush, but it just couldn't provide an acceptable shave on my neck without multiple passes and a touch up with my DE so I ditched it and moved back to cartridges...

Beginning with the Mach 3 I did think the shave was good and close, but I didn't like the 'scratchy' feel of the blades and the lack of control from the swivelling head (felt like I had to push too hard to make the thing shave).

Onwards to the new and much lauded Skinguard Sensitive. This razor is interesting in it's design and I suppose is a product aimed directly at someone with my experiences. Whilst I certainly think it's a good product and does exactly whay it says: it just couldn't provide the closeness that I desire and I found myself going over areas too many times yet my neck would look essentially unshaved, yet again I'd reach for my DE89 to finish up.

After that a little dabble with Gilette Sensor Excel (best cart I've used) still left me with irritation.

Constantly reaching for the DE89 to touch up led me, probably inevitably back to DE razors and the idea that perhaps I needed a little more aggression yet a more user friendly razor. On these excellent forums I discovered my best shave yet in the Henson AL13 medium. Currently enjoying my shaving with this, as it allows a lapse in concentration and doesn't punish me for it, at the same time it gets more done in a pass then the DE89.

The shaving is still far from perfect, but I think if I'm concentrating and prep properly this is the razor that can provide a close enough shave without the irritation and ingrowns I've previously experienced, great razor that is so well built and intuitive to use. Currently enjoying GSBs in it with Speick and Palmolive creams.

Again thanks B and B for all you've given me through the years, glad to be aboard!


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Welcome to the forum from Australia and thanks sharing your story with us. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
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