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Thanks for everything! Can I get a loan?

I would like you thank you all for your help over the past few months and widening my view of shaving. Without you guys I would still be using my Mach 3 and electric. You guys have really opened up my eyes to all the different products out there, and have given me some great advice.

Now down to business. I have many things on my shaving want list, but no money. :cursing: I was wondering if someone could loan me about $200 so I do not have to wait to buy all the stuff I want. :lol:

Thanks to you all! You guys are the best!

Head to Washington, DC, I hear they are giving away lots of free money! Pretty unlikely you will ever have to pay it back. :tongue:
You could say the razor-related gear is a necessary medical expense because of constant, debilitating razor burn and ingrown hairs. Then next year you could deduct this as a medical expense on your tax return.

Not that I'm advocating this...just that you could. :biggrin:

And it doesn't help you now anyways. Also, $200 is a fairly low figure for a "wanted" list of shaving gear. Set your goals high!
Pity you are not in Australia. Our prime minister is giving most people $900 to help stimulate the economy:biggrin:
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