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Thanks captain!!

So I wanted a nice lather bowl to compliment my scuttle. I decided to go with the Captain's choice seaworthy abaco!

It arrived today, along with a hand written note and some samples.
While I was expecting a more seafoam green than light blue, the more I look at it, it grows on me. It does look like Caribbean water and sand.

I couldn't wait to try it, but wanted to use some products I'm familiar with.


Proraso green, Yaqi mountain lake 2 band silvertip, Morley straight razor, and aqua velva to finish.

The bowl is a winner. It lathers quickly, it's comfortable in hand, and it feels like quality. The artisan that made it is definitely a craftsman. I didn't get loads of lather spilling out the side either. Some did, but it is an improvement from my scuttle. The ridges also seem to help build lather. My brush was exploding with it!

Thanks Captain for the great bowl!!!


Check Out Chick
He is a fantastic Vendor here. I have the Copper Lather Bowl and the Sandstorm Lather Bowl and another Lather Bowl hopefully on the way. His products are top class.
Can't go wrong with Captain's Choice!

I love my cobalt blue Seaworthy bowl, too. It's one of the best decisions I made on my wet shaving journey.

Incidentally, the Captain's soaps are also fantastic!
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