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Newbie here. Some random web comment a month ago someone mentioned safety razor shaving and Merkur. It piqued my interest. All I'd ever known was cartridge razors, my dad used those Bic things that came 15 to a plastic bag. So I filed it away to look into, as I had gotten to the point where I shaved maybe once a week and just looked scruffy. And when I did shave, it was a real chore as the dull mach3 ripped all the hair out of my face and left me sore and itchy. I would stretch those cartridges out forever because they are so ridiculously expensive.

With just minimal research, I dove in with a Merkur 180, badger brush, and col conk almond from Amazon. I've been using it for a couple days now. And I have to say.. W.T.F., why did anyone ever switch to those stupid cartridge razors!!! My face feels great, it's made shaving fun, completely pain free. No cuts, no nicks, and if I just go for a one pass, it's still a better shave than even a new cartridge, and does not take more than a couple minutes more.

Bewildered by the whole array of razors, blades, soaps, etc., I found B&B, and it has been really helpful! I'm hooked, a Jagger DE89L, an assortment of blades and some Tabac are en route to my house now... :)
Welcome to B&B, sounds like you're off to a great start.

This is a great place, so settle in for the long haul!

Ask questions if you have them, and don't be shy about it, it's the only way the know-it-alls can prove they are know-it-alls!!!

I've been at this for nearly two years now and wonder the same thing - why did we ever switch to cartridges in the first place?
Welcome to B&B! You are in for a treat with this new hobby. Prepare yourself for great shaves and great skin. This site is hands down one of the best resources out there for wet shavers. Good to have you here!
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